‘Love & Marriage: Huntsville’ Star LaTisha Scott Shades Melody Holt About Martell Holt’s Affair

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Ms. Wanda puts LaTisha in sticky situations.

LaTisha Scott is aware that her mother Ms. Wanda can be controversial on “Love & Marriage: Huntsville.” Although she denies that Wanda is her mouthpiece when it comes to Melody Holt and Kimmi Scott, she doesn’t want to clash with her over it.

On the recent episode, LaTisha said she apologized to Kimmi after Wanda recently accused her of being fake. Wanda felt like Kimmi shouldn’t still be cool with Melody after she kicked LaTisha out of her event.

While talking about the situation with Marsau Scott, LaTisha said, “What I don’t like is my mom is always on social media. Of course every time she hears something, she’s coming to me or she’s talking to me about Mel and I’m like, ‘Mom, can we just stop?'”

LaTisha went on to say that her mother had her at a young age so they kind of grew up together. So she’s still trying to figure out how to handle Wanda.

LaTisha throws a jab at Melody.

Interestingly enough, LaTisha was recently on social media with Wanda and she shaded Melody.

A follower said LaTisha better not “fight over no man.” Wanda said she would fight if a woman disrespected her and her marriage. LaTisha then took a shot at Melody and said, “Or if I run up on a chick and find her in the car with my husband.”

Apparently, Melody saw Martell in the car with his mistress.

Check out the video below.

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