LHHATL Star Tommie Lee Calls out 50 Cent for Not Letting Her Be on ‘Power’

Photo Credit: VH1

Tommie Lee is ready to become an actress and make her mark in the business.

Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” star Tommie Lee wants to become a successful actress. She hasn’t been on the reality show in seasons now, and she’s hoping that she can eventually get a major break on a scripted show or a hit movie.

While she was talking to fans on Instagram Live recently, she answered a few questions.

One fan asked her if she could play in any movie, what it would be. In response to this, Tommie revealed she really wanted to be on “Power.” But she’s not a fan of 50 Cent.

She said, “Everybody knows that I want to be on Power. But I absolutely hate 50 Cent.”

50 Cent rejected Tommie Lee’s pitch to be on “Power.”

Tommie went on to explain what happened to cause the dislike, “All I said was, I had DM’d him, I said, ‘You know what? I got an idea for “Power,” I got an idea for “Power.” I should be Ghost girlfriend. Let me just throw that out there.’ That motherf*cka blocked me. He’s such an a*shole. And I think I would have really did good on Power.”

And she agreed when a follower called 50 a hater, “Yeah, he is a hater. We know. He’s an a*shole.”

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