‘Love & Marriage: Huntsville’ Recap: LaTisha & Marsau Clash + Melody Gets Shady

Love & Marriage Huntsville Season 2 Episode 10 Recap
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Maurice returns from taking the bar exam.

Kimmi’s at home with Jaylin and Monster as they await Maurice to return home. Maurice traveled to Birmingham to take the state bar exam. Kimmi and Jaylin have a bet on whether or not Maurice will cry over taking the test and its results.

Eventually, Maurice returns home and is greeted by everyone and Maurice tells them he’s relieved it’s over. At dinner, Monster’s birthday is coming up, and he wants to rent a party bus he calls a Minivan. This gives everyone a good laugh at dinner. Next, Maurice promises to pay Kimmi back for all she did to support him.

The next day, Melody meets up with Iama and the other actors for a photoshoot for the play. Melody’s excited as she’s one step closer from accomplishing a childhood dream of acting. After the photoshoot, rehearsal begins and Melody once again says she easily relates to the role. Things get seemingly tense as Melody has to constantly get her lines read out to her. Iama compares the struggles of missing lines as “missing the lube.”

LaTisha and Marsau open up about their marriage.

At LaTisha and Marsau’s home, they have a discussion about their recent conversation where LaTisha had her feelings hurt. Marsau reiterates that he feels alone in their marriage. LaTisha loves the person she’s growing into. However, she doesn’t want their marriage to end up like the Holts. Marsau emphasizes that all she’s doing outside of the home is taking away from their marriage. LaTisha retorts that Marsau has to also focus and put an effort into their marriage. In a response, Marsau says Latisha’s being selfish.

LaTisha says she gave up a lot when they got married, including her last name and an internship in California. The conversation ends when Marsau says she should perhaps focus on herself and he can “take care of the family.”

Martell still doesn’t want to be around LaTisha and Marsau.

The next day, Melody’s getting ready for Maurice’s surprise party. Martell still doesn’t want to be around LaTisha and Marsau but Melody’s going. Kimmi invited them both but he tells Kimmi he still doesn’t want to be in the same building as Kimmi’s brother-in-law and sister-in-law. Melody’s thing is that they should be able to be mature enough to support Maurice. Melody surprisingly takes a shot at Kimmi when Martell reveals he had a talk with Kimmi at the office by himself. She says Kimmi likes to rub on Martell and brings up how Martell called her a side chick. Martell has to clarify, saying Kimmi wasn’t his side chick.

This leads to an argument and both accusing the other of not doing enough for them.

Meanwhile, Cedarric got everyone in the event just as Kimmi and Maurice show up to the surprise party. All of Maurice’s friends and family celebrate the taking of the bar exam. After Kimmi’s speech, the party gets underway. Melody shows up fashionably late and she wishes Martell showed up with her. LaTisha and Marsau, who aren’t in a good place, also show up. They put on a good front.

Maurice reveals he’s planning to practice consumer law and eventually open his own consumer law practice.

Melody gets shady.

Later on, Marsau sees his architect friend Andrea who was consulted by Destiny for the salon. Andrea’s offer was too much and Marsau tells her that he feels that the Holts working with Destiny would be better. Marsau tells Destiny she should sit down with them and draw up plans to give to the Holts to build. This seemingly rubs Destiny the wrong way. Melody and LaTisha walk over and hears Marsau’s plan. Melody says she doesn’t Marsau mentoring the Holts in anything. In her interview, she brings up that “Scholt” can’t be spelled without the Holt.

Melody gets shady saying that Marsau needs to finish a project first before he can mentor anyone. LaTisha claps back and says this is the shady Melody they all know.

LaTisha and Marsau clash.

Later on, LaTisha and Marsau are at home and LaTisha’s packing. Marsau’s frustrated as it’s 5:30 in the evening and he is hungry. Dinner isn’t cooked and he has to find something to eat. LaTisha didn’t give Marsau a heads up about this. LaTisha retorts that they could sync their calendars like Destiny and La’Berrick and she asks for his phone. Marsau declines.

He then says that he could find a young babysitter as a joke which annoys LaTisha. LaTisha then gets a call from Apryl that the event she invited LaTisha to speak at was canceled due to the pandemic. Marsau looks on with a smirk. This leads to an argument as LaTisha still wants to go to Birmingham. She still wants to see her mom and Apryl and Marsau brings up how her family and he don’t get along.

LaTisha gets angry when Marsau says he and LaTisha are from different sides of the track. She doesn’t like the statement at all and demands to know what Marsau meant. Marsau wants to know why she took the statement negatively. He uses an example of not seeing adults drink until he was almost in college. But the statement upsets LaTisha and she breaks down in tears. LaTisha says she’s sensitive about her family and brings up how people took shots at how she grew up.

But Marsau brings up that he was homeless before, sleeping on church floors. So he wouldn’t look down on her for growing up in the projects.

LaTisha then brings up how people said she was pretty for a dark-skinned girl. And this is another trigger for her as well. But Marsau had enough and goes off on LaTisha, telling her to get over being so sensitive about being teased in school.

Not long after the scene, production stopped due to the pandemic.

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