‘Power Book II: Ghost’ Recap: Monet Begins to Have Questions About Tariq

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Maclean wants to figure out Saxe’s plans.

Tasha is pacing back and forth as she awaits her meeting with Maclean. When he strolls in, he has a woman with him. She introduces herself as Paula Matarazzo. She’s Maclean’s investigator and she’s working on Tasha’s case.

Maclean explains that Tasha saying that she told Tommy to kill Ghost gave Saxe the ammunition he needed for the Kingpin Statute. She denies that she gave any orders for Ghost and Tommy’s business. And she says Saxe knows this too. So at this point, Maclean has to figure out what Saxe is up to and why.

Tariq has a rough day in class.

Tariq has his first day in Professor Reynold’s Canonical Studies class. They discuss the book “Great Expectations.” After some discussions, Reynolds realizes Tariq didn’t finish the book. So he calls him out about it in front of the rest of the class.

Later on, Tariq meets with Maclean and explains that the belief is that Tasha ran Ghost’s drug business. Tariq denies that this was the case. And Ghost was the boss. But Maclean doesn’t know what to believe. No one told him about Tasha’s past with the feds. So at this point, a jury pool is needed. Tariq will have to demolish Ghost to help Tasha and he’ll have to start while giving Ghost’s eulogy at the funeral.

Brayden runs into Tariq on campus. And he says that he wants back into Tariq’s drug business. They made a lot of money at Choate. Tariq denies that he’s doing anything but Brayden doesn’t believe him. But he tells Tariq he’s down when he’s ready to be honest.

Stern gives Tariq a warning.

Monet is in the bed with a man named Ramirez. He questions why she’s still with her husband Lorenzo when he’s in prison for life. She says her husband offers protection and that’s very valuable. So she tells him to leave before the kids get home. When Ramirez gets up, it’s revealed that he’s a cop who works at the NYPD.

Tariq meets up with Stern. And he wants Tariq not to trash Ghost at the funeral because it will hurt Ghost’s businesses and his estate. This could hurt Tariq and the family financially.

While Saxe is talking to Mak and Ott, they argue that there’s no way to prove that Tasha wasn’t the mastermind behind Ghost’s drug dealing business. Meanwhile, Maclean will have to prove Saxe has an agenda against Tasha.

When Tariq goes to see Tasha, they agree that he shouldn’t speak at Ghost’s funeral.

Saxe gets some help.

Special Agent Garza stops by Saxe’s office. He worked under Donovan. So he doesn’t respect Saxe and blames him for Donovan’s murder. Saxe admits he made some bad decisions while trying to lock up criminals. But they can work together and defeat Maclean. And he will even let Garza run the show. Garza reluctantly agrees to the partnership.

Milgram heads to Reynolds’ office to talk about Tariq. She tells him that Ghost’s funeral is the next day so she will be holding a vigil. Reynolds thinks this is ridiculous. He’s not happy about the fact that Tariq has failed to read another book. And it’s revealed their breakup became what he based his novel on. Things get passionate between the two exes and they have sex.

Uncle Frank is back.

While Tariq is having dinner with Zeke, Monet, and the rest of the family, Lorenzo’s brother Frank shows up. He says he was just released from prison and Monet demands to know why. She thinks it’s fishy and refuses to continue the conversation after he says that he heard Lorenzo has her running things.

Cane drives Tariq back to school and pulls over to warn him to not speak on what he sees happening with his family.

But Tariq says he wouldn’t because doing so would cause problems for him, too. Plus, he can see that Frank is a rat because parole hearings take months and if Frank got out without snitching, Lorenzo would have told Monet before he was released.

Cane is surprised by Tariq’s street knowledge and starts to think he can be trusted.

Brayden flexes his power.

When Tariq gets to campus and sees the vigil, he decides to leave and go to a party with Brayden. Milgram is surprised by his reaction.

Monet tells Diana to find out what Frank is up to and she tells Zeke to look into Tariq.

While at a frat house party, Tariq and Brayden watch as police come to shut it down. After one of the frat members punches a cop in the face, Brayden steps in and tells them his family paid for the school’s pool and auditorium. The cops then apologize and leave the students to continue partying. Tariq sits back and observes all of this quietly.

Tariq gives the eulogy.

At the funeral, Tate shows up. And when Tasha arrives and says she’s willing to speak, Saxe has her handcuffs put on so people won’t be too sympathetic. Ott then urges Tate to speak. So Tariq decides to speak instead. And he doesn’t bash Ghost or praise him. He just says that Ghost was a complicated man and he’s learning more about him now than when Ghost was alive. And it’s clear to him that he’s the manifestation of everything Ghost could never be. He tearfully ends the speech on a somber note.

Before Tasha is pulled away back to prison, she whispers to Tariq to get her a Plan B pill for another inmate.

Saxe scores a win.

At the hearing with the judge, Saxe and Maclean call their witnesses. Maclean calls Sullivan, who confirms Saxe was shady in how he went about slapping the Kingpin Statute on Tasha. But Saxe calls in Rodriguez. While she admits that Tasha did know the location of Silver’s body, she still doesn’t believe Tasha committed the murder. But she does admit Tasha could have had motive to call the hit. So the judge decides not to dismiss the Kingpin Statute against Tasha. However, testimonies are now necessary. And Rodriguez tells Maclean and Sullivan that they need to make sure she testifies because Tasha is no queen pin, plus Saxe is “dirty as f*ck.”

Cane and Dru quietly kill Frank and dispose of his body.

Monet helps out Tariq and Tasha.

Diana goes by Tariq’s dorm room and talks to him about Frank being a snitch. Tariq then asks her to get in contact with her father Lorenzo and get the Plan B pill to Tasha. So Diana relays the message to Monet who makes it happen.

When Tasha finds the pill and a burner phone in her cell, she calls Tariq to ask how he’s been able to pay Maclean. He says that he has a plan and it goes against the belief that drug dealers die or end up in prison.

Monet still wants more info on Tariq.

When Cane drives back from his last encounter with Frank, he sees Ramirez walking into the house. So he pulls off. Inside, Ramirez hands snitch papers on Frank over to Monet. She’s not impressed by this because he should have given her the heads up before Frank was released. But she tells him he can make it up to her by finding out info on Tariq.

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