‘The Conversation’ Recap: Masika Calls the Police After She is Attacked by Hazel’s Friend

The Conversation Masika & Hazel E Part 2
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Masika doesn’t get the apology and is allegedly attacked.

Part 2 begins with the ladies returning to the set after a contentious part one. Hazel’s sitting down but Masika’s standing ready to fight. She demands an apology from Hazel-E over alleged comments made by Hazel about Masika’s daughter. Security walks in between them as Masika tries to walk up and is hurling insults at Hazel. Hazel responds, saying Masika’s acting like an animal.

Producers stepped between them and try to calm them down. But from the back, Hazel’s friend starts yelling at Masika. Suddenly, Hazel gets up and walks towards Masika as Masika hurls insults about her friend’s weight. It seems at this point that the show is over. But, as Masika walks towards her room, Masika gets into an altercation with Hazel’s friend. Masika’s wig is snatched as security breaks them up. De’Von and security walk Hazel outside towards the cars. Hazel’s friend walks out still ready to fight.

Masika says she was “violated.” Back in the house, Masika’s yelling at everyone, demanding cameras to leave her room, and demands her wig back. She believes Hazel’s friend has her wig. The woman who allegedly attacked Masika was seen holding it.

Security escorts Hazel and her team outside.

Eventually, Hazel got all her things and walks with De’Von to the car. As this happens, Masika calls the police. Production then tells Hazel and her team that Masika’s pressing charges because apparently, Hazel’s friend attacked her from the back.

This revelation turns De’Von up and Hazel yells that she’s going to press charges too for the glass thrown during part one. Hazel then says it’s karma for the “wig snatch” Masika claimed during an altercation between the two of them during an episode of LHH Hollywood.

Back inside, Masika claims Hazel said she hoped Masika’s daughter was kidnapped and raped. She then claimed Hazel’s friend ran out of Masika’s dressing room, snatched off her wig, and punched Masika in the face. As a result, Masika’s real hair was pulled out along with an earring, resulting in a bloody ear.

Eventually, the police arrive and Masika got her wig back and managed to change.

Masika is adamant about pressing charges.

Production and security confront Hazel about the issue which angers Hazel. Hazel claims that if Masika tries to press charges against her friend, Hazel’s going to press charges against Masika. Hazel’s friend admits to running up on Masika and did it because of what Masika said about De’Von and Hazel’s baby. This conversation angers De’Von and he tries to confront the producer. But their team manages to walk De’Von and Hazel away as their friend still talks to the producer. The producer claims he wasn’t going to try to fight De’Von.

Inside, producers ask if Masika wants to go to the hospital. Apparently, Masika has a possible broken finger. Masika says she’s never been involved in anything like this. As this goes on, Masika’s angry that the person that attacked her left. When Masika walks out, the production tells her Hazel and her friend didn’t leave. Masika wants to learn Hazel’s friend’s name but they bring her back inside as they don’t want another altercation to happen in front of police.

Hazel’s friend is detained and Masika goes off to the hospital.

Despite the injuries, Masika still has the energy to talk mess. Police finally come by and they hear Masika’s story. The police then escort Masika outside to point out Hazel’s friend, who she calls a whale. She then points at the woman, calling her an ape and a dog. Police come over to talk to Hazel and her friend and the friend is seemingly questioned by police.

Hazel then gets on IG Live to record what’s going on and tells her followers what Masika did. She then shows Masika getting into the ambulance with paramedics. Inside the ambulance, the medic coves Masika to keep her from being shown.

Finally, Hazel and De’Von get into their car with their other friend and eventually leave.

By being unable to continue their conversation, any hope for reconciliation between Hazel-E and Masika seems unlikely at this point.

What are your thoughts about the episode?

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