Ray J Files for Divorce Months After Princess Love Dismisses Her Divorce Petition

Photo Credit: Zeus Network/YouTube

Princess and Ray J have been transparent about their relationship issues on LHHH.

When it comes to Ray J and Princess Love, “Love And Hip Hop Hollywood” fans have seen their ups and downs on the show. And one thing they have never shied away from is clashing with one another on the small screen. However, they appeared to get in a much better space after they had their first child together. However the peace didn’t last, and a lot of their issues have been playing out in the media.

One thing Princess complained about was how much Ray J works. It keeps him away from her and the kids. But Ray J felt it was necessary to provide for his family.

So he didn’t feel the need to slow it down and work less.

Princess made a lot of accusations on social media.

But things took a dark turn months ago.

In fact, Princess made some controversial accusations after the couple was spotted together at the Soul Train Awards. And she said that Ray J abandoned her and their daughter while they were in Las Vegas. She also accused Ray J of cheating on her while she was pregnant with their second child.

After these accusations were made, the couple still agreed to hash things out on Zeus Network’s “The Conversation.”

To no surprise, the conversation was a tense one. And no real progress was made. In fact, the couple would later separate and Princess even filed for divorce. But she withdrew her petition, and the couple revealed they decided to work on their marriage.

Interestingly enough, Ray J filed for divorce earlier today.

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