‘Black Ink Crew’ Star Ceaser’s Girlfriend Responds to Criticism & Talks About Dutchess

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Ceaser fell out with Kitty and Ryan.

Black Ink Crew” star Ceaser hasn’t had the best luck with women and relationships. After a failed engagement to Dutchess, he would later go on to find romance with Miss Kitty. However, that didn’t last. But they were able to maintain a friendship in spite of ending their romance. Cease even showed up to the funeral of Kitty’s mother. So it appeared as if they were able to put the past behind them and maintain a good relationship while still working together at the shop.

Things would take a turn after it was rumored that Kitty had been hooking up with Ryan from 9Mag.

Cease felt betrayed by both. So he fired Kitty from the shop. And to get even with Ryan, Cease vowed to open up a tattoo shop in Chicago.

Cease has moved on.

Kitty also accused those close to Cease of harassing and threatening her as well. So it’s clear that there won’t be any peace made anytime soon between Cease, Kitty, and Ryan. But Cease has moved on when it comes to love. In fact, he recently revealed that he does have another woman in his life. And Suzette, who happens to be a realtor, has been dating Cease for about 8 months.

While some fans of the show congratulated the couple on social media, others decided to be critical. And Suzette made time to respond, too.

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