‘Married to Medicine’ Star Lisa Nicole Cloud Has Something to Say About Her Return

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Lisa Nicole returns to “Married to Medicine” after explosives feuds.

Lisa Nicole Cloud is back. And the “Married to Medicine” star is no stranger to nasty feuds. In fact, seasons ago, she nearly came to blows with Quad Webb. During a heated exchange, Lisa threw a glass at Quad. Quad was furious, and would later need medical attention for her face. Security was able to step in and keep the two women from brawling. They haven’t been on good terms since.

Dr. Heavenly Kimes is also someone Lisa had a nasty fallout with.

While attempting to do an event together, things went left after Heavenly found out Lisa trademarked the event’s name. So Heavenly no longer wanted to work with Lisa or have a friendship.

Lisa also accused Heavenly of having a drinking problem. And Heavenly accused Lisa of calling her husband Dr. Darren Naugles gay. So there was plenty of contention between the two women.

Lisa told a follower where she stands on the upcoming season.

With Lisa back in the fold for season 8, Heavenly recently revealed that they still aren’t on good terms.

When Heavenly was asked about where she stands with Lisa today, she said that Lisa is a threat to her money and her career. So she can’t trust her. Plus, Heavenly also had some harsh words for Toya Bush-Harris. So it’s clear that Heavenly won’t be getting along with Toya and Lisa next season.

Recently, Lisa had some things to say when a follower asked her about her return to the show.

An Instagram user wrote that they were happy to see Lisa back on “Married to Medicine.” And they also warned Lisa to not be bullied again like they feel she was in the past.

In response to this, Lisa wrote, “you can best believe your girl is back and taking no sh*t from anyone.”

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