‘Basketball Wives’ Star Malaysia Pargo Seemingly Responds to Criticism of Recent Photos

Photo Credit: VH1/YouTube

Malaysia had drama with OG and Jackie.

Basketball Wives” star Malaysia Pargo had an eventful recent season. She had a nasty fallout with Jackie Christie. It all started after Jackie told the others about rumors she heard. The rumor came for Malaysia’s parenting. And she was accused of not taking good care of her kids while living in Atlanta.

So when Malaysia was told that Jackie brought the rumor to the group, she was furious.

Things escalated after Malaysia confronted Jackie during the skating party. And the two women nearly came to blows. Although Jackie was still open to hashing things out afterward, Malaysia was done. She wanted nothing to do with Jackie ever again. In her opinion, a line was crossed. And there’s no coming back from that.

Malaysia would later have some tension with OG, too. She took issue with OG revealing that Thomas Scott isn’t Byron Scott’s biological son. OG made this statement during an argument with Kristen Scott.

Malaysia is hit with more accusations.

After OG showed no remorse, Malaysia was heated. And at the reunion, some words were exchanged. At some point, OG even accused Malaysia of bleaching her skin. This was denied by Malaysia, and she took to social media to share some receipts. She wanted to prove that she hasn’t made any changes to her skin tone.

Now fans of the show are being critical about Malaysia’s looks in some recent photos. Malaysia recently responded, too.

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