Amid Criticism from RHOP Viewers, Karen Huger Sets the Record Straight

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Wendy, Gizelle, and Robyn are getting some criticism for comments made on RHOP.

There are a lot of conversations happening about “Real Housewives of Potomac.” To no surprise, many have had plenty to say about the physical altercation. And while some are busy picking Team Candiace or Team Monique, others are a bit annoyed about the narrative some of the other cast members are pushing.

That narrative is that the altercation is a reflection of all black women.

This has not been sitting well with some viewers. On social media, they have been calling out Wendy Osefo, Gizelle Bryant, and Robyn Dixon for what they feel is the endorsement of respectability politics.

In fact, former “Love And Hip Hop Miami” star and singer Jessie Woo touched on this on Twitter. She wrote, “White women argue, bicker, throw drinks and tables at each other on reality tv all the time. I never see them saying “…as white women we should know better.”

She continued, “White women LITERALLY get on reality TV and pull each other’s hair, punch each other, etc and they get REWARDED with brand deals. tv spinoffs, Broadway musical appearances, they get to build empires, etc. Why is the burden always placed on black women to act right?”

Karen sets the record straight.

YouTuber Funky Dineva expressed something similar. In fact, he feels it shows a lack of consistency. He said, “Miss me with that bullsh*t because you was not worried about being black women when all of this was going on and when y’all were cutting down each other’s marriages, reading each other, backstabbing one another, inviting b*tches enemies to events and sh*t. Y’all ain’t worried about being sophisticated, highly educated well to do black women then.”

As for other viewers, they took to social media to make it clear that none of the women on the show represent them. They represent themselves only. So this shouldn’t be treated as a “black women” issue.

Karen agrees. In a tweet, she wrote, “Our #rhop cast represents only the black women on this platform. We cannot and do not speak nor represent ALL black women. That is a crown we as powerful black women wear individually and proudly.”



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