LHHATL Star Joseline Hernandez Throws Another Jab at Mimi Faust

Photo Credit: VH1

Joseline and Mimi feuded for years on LHHATL.

Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” star Joseline Hernandez had many feuds while she was on the show. However, most viewers can agree that her biggest enemy was probably Mimi Faust. On the first season of the show, the women had tension over Stevie J. Although Mimi and Stevie had a romantic history that included sharing a daughter, that didn’t stop Stevie from hooking up with Joseline. And he did so behind Mimi’s back. So this was the beginning of the controversial love triangle.

To no surprise, the women had lots of issues with each other. So the moments Stevie crossed Joseline were always enjoyable for Mimi.

Despite this, there were still moments in which it seemed like the women attempted to be cordial.

And one season at the reunion, they were actually able to hash out their issues and hug it out.

Joseline is back on the outs with Mimi.

Interestingly enough, things actually improved somewhat after Joseline left the show. As Bonnie Bella began to come around Stevie and her siblings a lot more, Joseline started to repair her relationships with everyone. At one point, she was also in a good place with Mimi.

She opened up about this while she promoted her recent appearances on “Love And Hip Hop Miami.” When she was asked about where she stands with Mimi now, Joseline said, “She’s beautiful. She’s my homegirl.”

Well, the truce is over. And recently, Joseline threw a little jab on social media.

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