LHHATL Star Joseline Hernandez Throws Another Jab at Mimi Faust

Photo Credit: VH1

Mimi’s humor regarding a past LHHATL scene angered Joseline.

“Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” star Joseline Hernandez’s relationship with Mimi Faust changes often. Not too long ago, the women were on great terms. They had figured out how to get along for the sake of their daughters. This was something Stevie J had wanted for a very long time. And with Joseline off LHHATL, everyone was able to leave the drama completely behind in the past.

However, the peace was short-lived.

Mimi decided to poke fun at a  memorable scene of the show. In the scene, Stevie had Mimi and Joseline go with him to a therapy session. It went left after Mimi told Joseline that she’d been living with Stevie. Immediately after hearing this, Joseline attacked him.

Apparently, Mimi decided to recreate the scene and others with social media influencer, Reggie Ray. You can check out the video here.

To no surprise, the video went viral. And Joseline didn’t find it funny. And she’s been taking jabs at Mimi on social media since.

Joseline shades Mimi.

The latest jab happened on Twitter. It is also in reference to a past memorable scene of “Love And Hip Hop Atlanta.”

A Twiter user asked Joseline where is “Molly the Maid.” In response, Joseline wrote, “Probably cleaning”

Interestingly enough, Joseline isn’t the only one refusing to let go of past feuds. Recently, Mimi threw some jabs at K. Michelle. And she didn’t hold back either.

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