‘Married to Medicine’ Star Buffie Purselle Calls out the ‘Real Housewives of Potomac’ Cast

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Buffie’s past on Bravo isn’t one she’ll forget.

Married to Medicine” viewers know full well how tough the last season was for Buffie Purselle. After Buffie was called “infertile” by Dr. Jackie Walters, being on the show became really difficult for Buffie. Not only did she clash with Jackie, but she had some problems with Dr. Contessa Metcalfe and Dr. Heavenly Kimes as well. There were also some viewers who felt like Buffie “cried too much” and she needed to get over having multiple miscarriages.

And after Buffie decided not to return for the upcoming season, Toya Bush-Harris would also say that Buffie was too emotional.

This sentiment is something that didn’t sit well with Buffie. And she called out her critics for not allowing her and other black women to express themselves how they see fit on television.

Buffie understands where Monique is coming from.

Interestingly enough, Buffie recently had some things to say about the women of “Real Housewives of Potomac.” After some of her followers asked her what she thinks about the altercation, Buffie didn’t hold back. And she’s not here for how most of the cast handled it.

She said, “Where was the empathy for either one of these black women? I feel like Monique and Candiace deserve empathy because of the situation they found themselves in. And for the record, I’m Team Monique if y’all want to know. But, I feel sorry because I understand their pressure. Candiace needs this check. Real talk. So, ain’t sh*t else going on in her life…I’m left with conflict. And Monique doesn’t need it, is the It Girl that they hate on. And so, they keep pushing her buttons.”

Buffie added, “And at a certain point, any human being is going to snap. And they know that!”

Buffie accused some of the RHOP ladies of being full of themselves.

Buffie also felt like the other women acted “self-righteous.” She continued, “Now on to everybody that was acting so d*mn self-righteous. Give me a gotd*mn break. Are you kidding me? Ain’t nan one of y’all on that show so upstanding in the world that this damages your brand. So miss me and every other viewer with that bullsh*t. Additionally, y’all are a disgrace to little girls and black women. You know why? Not because you’re on a reality show. But because when there was conflict, you put your nose in the air. You stuck your nose up and got on your high horse instead of hearing that woman out and trying to bring the other woman together and resolving the issue. Kudos to Karen, kudos to Ashley cause the rest of y’all, bye! Real talk.”

Wendy’s comments annoyed Buffie.

Wendy Osefo’s comments about being on the “frontlines” bothered Buffie, too. Buffie said, “And talking about you been on the frontlines cause you been on TV as a news correspondent, that ain’t sh*t compared to being on the frontlines of a Bravo reality show. Let me tell you something, black women continue to have to prove themselves day in and day out in this world. And being on a reality TV show is no different than that. We gonna keep throwing all of these impossible situations at you to see if you’re going to overcome it, to see how you’re going to respond, and then we’re going to judge you either way.”

She also feels as if the RHOP ladies missed an opportunity to send a strong message that would have been great for television, “I think y’all missed an incredible opportunity to sit down and have a real and frank discussion about the fact that black women can be brilliant, we can be hardworking, we can be family-oriented, we can be ratchet, we can get in your a*s, we can curse, we can be real, and if you push me to my limits I’ma beat your a*s. And I may or may not feel bad about it later. Cause I’m a human being. And that shouldn’t determine my self-worth because I screw up once or twice. Real talk.”

You can check out the video below.


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Buffie also responded when someone told her black women aren’t given platforms because they are told they are “ratchet.” So Monique was wrong. In another video, Buffie said she’s not about to be hypocritical. And when she was on “Married to Medicine,” she wanted to put her hands on Heavenly due to alleged comments that were edited out.


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