Shay Johnson Says Iyanla Vanzant is Disrespectful & Has a Smart Mouth

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Shay appeared on “Iyanla: Fix My Life” with her family.

Love And Hip Hop Miami” star Shay Johnson appeared on the season premiere of “Iyanla” Fix My Life.” Although she and her two brothers went on the show to talk out the issues that they have with their mother, Shay was put in the hot seat too. Not only does her mother have an issue with her, but so did her brothers. All of them shared the same sentiment, which is they feel as if Shay can be very disrespectful. And she’s a bit reckless with her mouth.

In fact, her youngest brother Emjay Johnson revealed that he hadn’t been speaking to Shay for about six months due to this.

When Iyanla Vanzant told Emjay and Shay’s oldest brother Dr. Joe Johnson to tell Shay how they feel, Shay became angry. Although Iyanla told Shay to just accept their truth and she’ll later have her chance to speak, Shay snapped. She ended up telling her brothers that they are entitled and think they know everything.

Shay and Iyanla clashed.

Iyanla called out Shay for not following directions and an argument ensued between the two women. Eventually, Shay stormed off and Iyanla followed her. She told Shay to just trust the process, and Shay then said, “F*ck your process!” The argument continued and Iyanla told Shay she was acting like a fool. After Shay left, Iyanla told the producers that she’s done. And Shay won’t get another moment with her ever again.

Despite Shay’s messy departure, her brothers and mother Sandra were able to have a breakthrough. Sandra became aware that while she stressed about being a single mother, her children just wanted more love and affection. Shay was brought back later to speak to her family, but Iyanla once again refused to sit down with her.

After the episode aired, Shay discussed the situation on social media. And she didn’t hold back on how she feels about Iyanla now.

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