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Cynthia Bailey Sues Peter Thomas

Photo Credit: Bravo/YouTube

Peter Thomas had some unforgettable moments on “Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

Former “Real Housewives of Atlanta” husband Peter Thomas had some controversial moments on and off the show. He was never afraid to speak his mind when he wanted to. And at times, that would annoy some of the women, including NeNe Leakes. One time she went off on Peter about this. She told him to stop “trying to be a d*mn b*tch.” NeNe later clarified that she meant Peter was “acting like a b*tch.”

Although he hasn’t been on the show for years due to his divorce from Cynthia Bailey, it seems as if he’s not done seeing his ex-wife in court.

Cynthia Bailey slaps Peter Thomas with a lawsuit.

According to blogger Straight From the A, Cynthia is suing Peter.

The lawsuit has to do with their failed attempt to open another Bar One in Atlanta years ago.

Regarding the lawsuit, Michelle Brown of Straight From the A says, “Cynthia Bailey has filed a lawsuit against her ex-husband Peter Thomas. This particular lawsuit was filed prior to her marrying Mike Hill. So it was actually filed on September 22, 2020. And it involved the Bar One restaurant in Atlanta that they were joint owners of.” She continued, “So them being joint owners, I don’t know if you remember on the show, right before Peter left they had bought a property on Auburn Avenue in Atlanta. And they were going to rehab it and that was going to be the new Bar One. Well, they went half on it and there’s a quick claim deed and I guess she wants her money. She wants her, what is it? $170,000.”

Michelle also explained more about the money Peter owes Cynthia, “Now you know there’s more to the story than just Cynthia Bailey filing the lawsuit. She flied an actual foreclosure because it was her who I guess signed the deed or whatever the case may be. Now according to my sources, Mister Thomas is allegedly fighting the lawsuits because the money in question is not actually owed until January 31, 2021.”

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