Karen Huger’s Hairstylist Slams Robyn Dixon & Gizelle Bryant

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Viewers have been calling out Robyn Dixon amid the current season of “Real Housewives of Potomac.”

Robyn Dixon has been getting some backlash for the current season of “Real Housewives of Potomac.” In fact, some feel as if she and Gizelle Bryant are being too harsh on a few of the other women. While some viewers agree with both icing out Monique Samuels after she assaulted Candiace Dillard, others have accused both women of being hypocritical.

Some have also called out both women for their comments about Karen Huger. Wendy Williams accused Robyn of being an ageist. However, Robyn said she wasn’t being ageist when she said she didn’t use Karen’s Embellished photos because she wanted a more “youthful” look.

Robyn was also very critical of Karen on the recent episode. Before Robyn called Karen out for inviting Monique to the wig shift event before it started, she had some things to say about the venue. The wig shift party took place in Steven Thomas’ hair salon. Steven is Karen’s hairstylist and he helped her create the wig line.

Robyn said the salon was too small and even called it a shoebox on the After Show. She didn’t feel it was “Karen-ish” enough for someone who calls themselves the Grande Dame of Potomac.

Karen Huger’s hairstylist Steven Thomas clapped back.

When Steven caught wind of Robyn’s comments, he responded on Instagram in a video. In the caption, he wrote, “? PSA ? FOR THE TWO HATERS ? , You shouldn’t speak on business that doesn’t PAY YOU, ladies! It had to be the one that doesn’t have sh*t! No husband ,No businesss. You’re selling party city, 5 n below,gas station HATS out of your garage. These lil Cracker Jack box homes you’re trying to sell, don’t make you a business owner. #rhop #gizellebryant #robyndixon #karenhuger #theshadeking.”

When it comes to Robyn, Steven also said, “You don’t have a business, Robyn. Clearly, you have money management skills, I mean, don’t have money management skills because you’re $90,000 in the hole. So you just probably don’t know how to run a business. You can’t even manage your coins with 90 Gs and taxes.” He continued, “Okay, I am a talented very highly skilled hairstylist. Robyn sweetie, you need to be worried about keeping these people entertained week to week. That’s probably why you can’t acquire, let alone run a business. So you don’t even have the right to come for nobody. Secondly, she says, ‘Oh, I was expecting it to be so grand and this and this and that.’ When have you thrown anything that’s grand or big? You’re not that important to the show.”

A warning is issued.

Steven also threw some shade at Embellished, “But you still wanna go on national TV and be shady for what? How is that helping you as a person? You’re still ninety grand in the hole. You still selling these party city Michael’s crafts store hats out of your garage. So how is it that you’re shading me and I have a business? What doors have we walked through of yours? None.”

Gizelle wasn’t spared. Steven said, “Work on your institution, work on that. Everyone knows that’s watching the show knows that you and that man ain’t together. So just stop. I am a hairstylist from Baltimore. So I know a lot of tea about you Gizelle, and you Robyn.”

He also warned both women that he’s not above repeating what he’s heard about them and their men, “I know a lot of tea on both of y’all, both of y’all men…leave me alone.”

Check out his videos here.

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