Chris Bassett Addresses Candiace Dillard’s Comments About Deceased Blogger

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Chris Bassett and Chris Samuels hashed it out.

Monique Samuels may be done with “Real Housewives of Potomac,” however, the drama is far from over. On part 3 of the reunion, the husbands joined their wives on the stage. And Chris Bassett and Candiace Dillard exchanged some words with Monique and Chris Samuels.

When Chris S. said he has never gone after anyone else’s child, Chris B. responded.

He brought up blogger Khyle Paylor of Black Socialites.

Chris B. said, “But you supported people who go after other people’s children.”

Chris S. then asked who Chris B. was talking about.

“The blogger who went after my kids.”

Monique then said, “I never disrespected anybody’s kids.” Chris B. and Candiace continued to say Monique and Chris supported Khyle.

She then said, “Y’all can go head on with that. Y’all are reaching.”

Although Candiace and Monique didn’t make peace, their husbands did.

Khyle Paylor’s close friend called out Chris Bassett.

Apparently, the comments made about Khyle angered one of his close friends, RJ. While he was discussing the reunion on Instagram Live, Chris B. joined it and wrote comments. RJ wasn’t having it and he called him out for the comments made on the show.

RJ is also upset that Candiace has still not apologized for asking when Khyle would drop dead. Khyle has since passed away.

Eventually, Chris B. joined RJ’s Live session and they talked about it. Chris said he brought up Khyle to bring up a point at the reunion.

Then RJ discussed how harmful he feels Candiace’s words were about Khyle prior to his death.

RJ said, “The words that she said actually resonated. He actually said, ‘Maybe she’s right. Maybe I should be dead.’ When it comes to a human being, she has yet to say anything because no one has put the flames to her butt. And because she can sleep at night, knowing that this man passed…and now that I know you actually told her, you know, about him being sick, and she still has not said anything. Not a peep, lets me know who she truly is as a person. As a person that you married. She’s not right, Chris. I’m sorry but she’s not right.”

In response, Chris said, “Define not right.”

RJ remains heated and said, “You want me to roll the clip?”

He also asks Chris how Candiace is able to sleep at night after she questioned when Khyle, who is now deceased, will drop dead.

Chris then said, “Therapy. A lot of it. Look we make mistakes. We all make mistakes. And some you can come back from.”

RJ said, “She’s yet to rectify hers. Why do you always have to clean up her dirty work?”

Chris then expressed it’s his job to support Candiace.

“I don’t always clean up her dirty work. But there are times when…I’m her husband, man. I married her for the woman that she is. And it’s my job to not only support her but protect her. That’s what a husband does. That’s what a friend does.”

He continued, “That’s what Chris did for Monique last night. That’s what we do, man. Nobody’s perfect and I told you, and I’ve said, what she said to Khyle in that moment was f*cked up. There’s no denying it.”

Candiace Dillard felt bad about her comments.

Chris also said that he told Candiace that she was wrong and she agreed.

“She said, ‘You’re right. It is too far. I was angry. And that’s how I responded.’

He continued, “And I will tell you, the day that we found out and I told her what happened, she was upset. She was mad at herself. You can take it or leave it, but she was very upset.”

Chris said Candiace felt horrible.

“She felt horrible. She didn’t really have any words because what kind of words do you have at that point? Right? She knows it’s not her fault, but she does know that her words do have meaning. She knows that.”

Before they ended the conversation, Chris apologized to RJ for bringing up Khyle at the reunion and he said he would also reach out to Khyle’s mother to apologize as well.


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