RHOA Recap: Lauren Blocks Kenya from Attending an Event, Kenya Slams Porsha’s Activism

rhoa season 13 episode 4
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On the latest episode of “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” it becomes clear that Kenya and Porsha won’t be able to get on the right road anytime soon. After Lauren decides to throw a surprise event to celebrate Porsha’s activism, she doesn’t exactly extend an invitation to Kenya. But she does originally tell Cynthia that Kenya can come as her plus one. Well, as long as Kenya doesn’t cause any drama.

However, on the day of the event, Lauren changes her mind.

And after Cynthia lets Kenya know about the change of plans, Kenya doesn’t hold back her feelings about Porsha’s activism. She says Lauren’s event is fake and all for show. Kenya also accuses Porsha of wanting to get arrested on camera. After she shares her views with Kandi, Kandi comes to the conclusion that just maybe Lauen made the right call. Kandi also thinks Porsha’s growth and commitment to the cause should be praised. Not criticized.

Cynthia is still stressing about the wedding. She’s really not sure what to do in the middle of the pandemic. Kenya presses her and makes her understand Mike’s side of things. But she accuses Cynthia of wanting to get married for the show in the process.

And Drew and Ralph attend couple’s therapy. Ralph opens up about his childhood and what he thinks Drew needs to do to make him happier in their marriage. However, his father’s sudden death puts a pause on things.

Here’s the recap for, “From One Surprise to Another.”

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