Masika Kalysha’s Fiancé Claps Back at Critics of Their Engagement

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Masika Kalysha’s ups and downs in relationships played out on LHHH.

Love And Hip Hop Hollywood” star Masika Kalysha went through a lot of drama while she was on the show. Before walking away from the platform, she had some messy feuds. In fact, her biggest feuds to date were with Alexis Skyy and Hazel E. Hazel and Masika started off friendly towards each other. And it was Masika who encouraged Hazel to leave Yung Berg alone because it was a toxic situation for her to be in. However, the two women fell out after Hazel learned that Masika started messing around with Berg behind her back.

When she confronted Masika about this, Masika had no remorse. And she said Hazel was “delusional” because she was never in a real relationship with Berg. Even though things didn’t last between Masika and Berg, Hazel and Masika were never able to call a truce.

Masika Kalysha had a controversial appearance on “The Conversation.”

Things only got worse between the two women over the years even though they are no longer on “Love And Hip Hop Hollywood.”

They came face to face again for “The Conversation” on Zeus Network. To no surprise, things didn’t go well. Masika was already upset with Hazel because she made some serious accusations about Masika’s parenting. So when Hazel questioned what kind of role model Masika was for her daughter, Masika snapped. And the women nearly came to blows.

After Masika was taken away by security, she ended up getting jumped on by one of Hazel’s friends. An altercation ensued and Masika’s wig was snatched off.

Hazel felt as if she faired better than Masika since she’s now married with a baby. However, Masika recently revealed that she’s in love and now engaged.

Recently, her fiancé had something to say when the criticism rolled in.

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