LAMH Returns: Things Turn Violent Between Martell & Melody + Martell Threatens Marcus

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Things fell apart for Melody Holt and Martell Holt.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” isn’t lacking when it comes to drama. For the first part of the first season, it seemed like all the couples had it together. Melody Holt and Martell Holt even seemed like a power couple. And most of the tension on the show stemmed from the fact that the Holts couldn’t get on the same page as the Scotts in regards to their real estate ventures. However, it later came out that Martell cheated on Melody.

She was having a hard time getting past the fact that he had been with his mistress Arionne Curry for five years. To no surprise, it became an even bigger issue after Melody learned that Arionne had still been communicating with Martell.

After Melody fell out with LaTisha Scott, LaTisha clapped back by accusing Martell of buying Arionne a matching BMW. He would later deny this, and it seemed as if he and Melody were moving forward when she confirmed she was pregnant with baby number four.

However, they started to have tension again once their baby girl was born. Martell complained that Melody was working too much. Now they are divorcing and Martell is rumored to have a baby on the way with Arionne.

The drama continues.

LaTisha and Marsau Scott had problems of their own. Even though Marsau denied there was any truth to the cheating rumors about him which were put out by the Holts, Marsau wasn’t necessarily happy with LaTisha focusing on having a career. She began to wonder if her growing professional independence would push Marsau to another woman.

She also questioned Kimmi Scott’s loyalty. And Miss Wanda quickly became the biggest skeptic.

Well, “Love & Marriage: Huntsville” returns this month. Of course, the drama has only intensified.

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