VH1 Releases the First Look at Season 9 of ‘Basketball Wives’

Photo Credit: VH1/YouTube

The issues in the Scott family caused heated discussions on social media.

The recent season of “Basketball Wives” was a very contentious one. At first, it seemed as if the biggest feud would be between Kristen Scott and Cece Gutierrez. They were already in a shaky place after Kristen previously accused Cece and Byron Scott of not seeing her daughter. In turn, this made Byron feel as if she was criticizing him as a grandfather. And Cece was blamed for not encouraging Byron to come around more.

Later on, things got worse. And during an argument with Kristen, OG revealed that Kristen’s husband Thomas Scott wasn’t Byron’s biological son. This hurt Kristen and she later learned that Cece was the first person to tell OG this.

Things turned legal between Evelyn Lozada and OG.

Cece would also end up having problems with Evelyn Lozada. And OG had to step in and keep Evelyn from attacking Cece.

They also had some tension. Feby Torres told Evelyn that OG was calling Chad Johnson a friend on social media. Evelyn planned to prove that OG was lying and she was no more than a “groupie.” But OG was able to prove that Chad actually tried to hit on her while he was with Evelyn.

After Evelyn used a monkey emoji to throw some shade, OG accused Evelyn of racism. This resulted in both women suing each other. And when most of the ladies didn’t want to film the reunion with OG and accused her of being violent, she accused them of colorism.

So fans of the show have been anticipating to see where things go from such a crazy season. Luckily, VH1 jas released the first look.

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