A Couple of Friendships Are Saved on the Upcoming Season of ‘Basketball Wives’

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Evelyn Lozada and OG probably won’t be on good terms anytime soon.

Basketball Wives” had a lot of people talking after the most recent season. A lot of feuds took place. However, the most controversial one yet involves OG and Evelyn Lozada. Things got nasty between them after OG revealed she has a friendship with Chad Johnson. Evelyn attempted to disprove this, but OG came with receipts. She actually showed that Chad tried to hit on her in the past.

When things carried over onto social media, Evelyn used a monkey emoji to throw some shade. In response to this, OG accused Evelyn of racism. And Evelyn clapped back with a defamation lawsuit. OG then countersued for emotional distress.

So it’s been rumored that Evelyn and OG may have been the two castmembers who refused to film together during the upcoming season. They won’t be on peaceful terms anytime soon.

However, it looks as if a few people may have been successful in repairing friendships.

Some friendships were able to be saved.

After nearly coming to blows, Jackie Christie and Malaysia Pargo actually hash things out in the mansion. Viewers get a glimpse of this in the preview for the upcoming season.

And Evelyn and Jennifer Williams may have been able to get past their issues from the previous season, too. Their recent social media actions are giving fans hope.

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