RHOA Recap: Drew is Officially on Kenya’s Radar

rhoa season 13 episode 7 recap
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The ladies are preparing for their upcoming trip.

Ralph buys Drew a new scooter. She’s excited about this, especially since she’s still recovering from a foot injury. With the girls trip coming up, Drew points out that she let him know where’s going in advance. This is something he didn’t do when he ran off to Tampa after they had a huge argument.

Kandi and Drew talk on the phone and it’s confirmed all the ladies are going on the trip to Charleston, South Carolina.

A private jet is best.

Kenya and LaToya grab a bite to eat. They discuss the upcoming trip. Kenya tells LaToya that she, LaToya, her nanny, and Brooklyn will be traveling by private jet. She thinks this is best so they can get there before everyone else and set things up. In a green screen interview, she says if the other women are mad about this, they can get their own jet if they have good credit. But she won’t be getting a jet for everyone because that could run things up to $50,000.

Drew calls Kenya while she’s eating with LaToya. She invites Kenya to dinner with her over at her house before she and Ralph move out. Kenya agrees and tells her that she and LaToya are getting to Charleston on a private jet. Drew reluctantly tells Kenya that LaToya is also invited.

LaToya and Kenya discuss Marc. Kenya says they have been separated for a year. And she’s been clashing with Marc when it comes to matters involving Brooklyn. She feels like he tries to dictate what she can and can’t do as a mother. That’s a problem for her.

Porsha tells Drew about LaToya’s shady comments.

When Kandi arrives, she tells Drew she likes the wig she’s wearing. Producers flashback to an unaired scene of LaToya telling Kandi, Cynthia, and Porsha that Drew wore a bad wig and her glue was showing. In a green screen interview, Kandi says she’s not seeing this bad wig LaToya was talking about.

Porsha arrives, and she brings up LaToya’s comments to Drew, Kenya, Cynthia, and Kandi. Drew is shocked to hear that LaToya was going in on her about the wig. In a green screen interview, Porsha says Drew looks beautiful to her. So she’s wondering if LaToya was overexaggerating.

In a green screen interview, Drew says she’s only met LaToya once and she doesn’t understand why she’s going around talking about her wig to everyone. She questions what LaToya even does for a living and the producer tells her that LaToya has a YouTube channel. Drew questions if this is supposed to be a real job or not.

Kenya returns the shade.

Drew tells the women that she did the best she could do during the quarantine just like Kenya is doing now. Kenya laughs and questions if Drew just read her. In a green screen interview, Kenya says that she looks great no matter what she wears because she’s a beautiful woman. And she’s not sure the same can be said about Drew.

After Drew tells the women that she and Ralph support her mother’s ministry with musical talents, she sings on the spot. Her song of choice is “Amazing Grace,” and the group is impressed.

Producers flashback to Porsha singing the same song at the reunion years ago. She says she sang it first.

Kenya is paying close attention to how Drew moves.

When Kenya tells the ladies that she and LaToya are getting to Charleston first, Drew asks how. Kenya says she thinks Drew may be sneaky in her green screen interview. But Drew says in her green screen interview that Kenya told her not to tell the others she would be taking a private jet. And she didn’t understand why and felt this was shady.

Porsha questions why Kenya shot down her idea of using Falynn’s private jet if she was just going to get one for her and LaToya. Regardless, Kenya says she’s doing what’s best for family. And Drew is officially now on her radar with her “poodle wig.”

LaToya and Kenya think Porsha was being messy.

While Kandi is getting ready for the trip, Todd tells her he will be in charge of Mike’s bachelor party. And he plans on having all the men hop to different strip clubs. Todd also tells Kandi that they should plan a bachelorette party in Charleston for Cynthia.

It’s travel day. As Kenya and LaToya are en route to the private jet, Kenya tells LaToya what Porsha told Drew about her wig comments. LaToya says Porsha is just being “extra.” And Kenya thinks Porsha is stirring up trouble.

Porsha wants to keep things friendly with Dennis.

Dennis drops off Porsha to wait for the bus with the others. In a green screen interview, Kandi says that whenever Porsha gets some “henny” in her system, she wants to make up with Dennis. But Porsha plays it off and says Dennis was just looking out so she wouldn’t need to get an Uber.

When she gets on the bus, she tells the others she didn’t sleep with Dennis when he slept over the other night. She hopes that one day they can really be friends.

The ladies then discuss 3somes. Kandi says that she makes other women who join her and Todd sign NDAs. Tanya refuses to answer. And Drew says she’s never had one.

Are double standards at play?

After a while, the women complain that it’s too hot on the bus and the AC isn’t working. So they are really heated LaToya and Kenya rode on a private jet. This is when Drew admits that Kenya told her not to tell the others she would be getting to South Carolina on a private jet. And things don’t get any better when Kenya posts a photo of Brooklyn on the jet.

Porsha says everyone else should have been told that they could bring their kids as well. So she’s upset.

What are your thoughts on the episode?


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