Momma Dee Tells Bambi Not to Be Insecure About Her Marriage Because of Erica Dixon

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Erica Dixon and Scrappy have had a contentious relationship.

Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” stars Scrappy and Erica Dixon have been through a lot over the years. And to no surprise, a lot of that has played out on the show. Although they were in love at some point, things ended drastically. Erica was already having a hard time getting along with Momma Dee. There were many times that she felt as if Momma Dee was way too involved and opinionated about her relationship with Scrappy. While Momma Dee figured she had a right to make sure she had her son’s back at all times, Erica believed she was out of line. So this led to a lot of contentious moments between Erica, Scrappy, and Momma Dee.

And when Scrappy and Erica got engaged, the engagement fell apart after Erica came to the conclusion that Scrappy wasn’t being faithful. He was hurt to get the ring back but he took responsibility for the pain he put Erica through.

Co-parenting hasn’t been easy.

Scrappy would later marry Bambi and Erica also moved on to the man of her dreams.

However, co-parenting between Scrappy and Erica has been a mess. On the show, Scrappy even told Erica that she is a “basic baby momma.” Erica also struggles to get along with Bambi.

On the upcoming “Love And Hip Hop” special, “Love And Hip Hop Family Reunion,” it seems as if everyone involved may be forced to face their issues. And Momma Dee may feel that Bambi is insecure at times.

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