Momma Dee Tells Bambi Not to Be Insecure About Her Marriage Because of Erica Dixon

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Erica Dixon doesn’t get along with Scrappy or Bambi.

There has been a lot of drama between Erica Dixon and Scrappy. The “Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” stars had a nasty breakup and co-parenting has been just as contentious. In fact, Erica said that she and Scrappy don’t really talk. So when it comes to communicating about their daughter, they really only talk via text messages. And Erica thinks this is a very childish way to do things.

She also said that Bambi doesn’t seem to want her to talk to Scrappy.

During the reunion, Bambi said that she didn’t see an issue with her reading the text message conversations between Scrappy and Erica. While some fans of the show felt like this was unnecessary, Bambi defended her actions on social media. She even accused Erica of getting the police involved. As for Erica, she would later accuse Bambi’s mother of trying to fight Emani. Momma Dee has made the same accusations.

Momma Dee tells Bambi she doesn’t need to be insecure.

Well, it seems as if the “Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” stars will have to face their issues on “Love And Hip Hop Family Reunion.”

In a preview, Scrappy tells Yung Joc that marriage isn’t easy. Joc then tells Scrappy to use the trip to focus on him and Bambi’s marriage.

However, they soon find out that Erica is there as well. In one scene, Bambi says to Scrappy, “Did your mom invite Erica here?”

During a conversation between Momma Dee and Bambi, Momma Dee tells Bambi she has no reason to feel insecure, “You don’t have anything to be insecure about.”

Erica goes on to say it’s been a rollercoaster and things have to change.


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