‘Love And Hip Hop Atlanta’ Star Scrappy Hopes He and Bambi Can Fix Their Marriage Problems

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Scrappy and Bambi have been having some tension.

Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” stars Scrappy and Bambi have been through a lot. Before Bambi was even on the show, Scrappy had a very on and off romance with his baby momma Erica Dixon. Their relationship had a lot of issues. And one of them was Momma Dee’s constant interference. Although this didn’t sit well with Erica, Momma Dee only wanted to make sure she had her son’s back. So she remained his biggest advocate, even if it meant souring her relationship with Erica. So it’s no surprise that their engagement didn’t work out.

For Bambi, she’s had her own issues with Momma Dee as well. However, she also clashed with Scrappy as well. At times, she didn’t think he was mature enough for a relationship to ever work between them. Plus, it didn’t exactly help things when Erica accused Scrappy of “orally pleasing”  her in a hotel room even though he was dating Bambi at the time.

So Bambi ended the relationship but Scrappy was able to woo her back. They then got married and now have two children together. However, it appears as if their marriage has been tested. On “Love And Hip Hop Family Reunion,” Momma Dee even said that Scrappy told her they were heading for a divorce.

In a new preview, Scrappy admits he’s been fighting with Bambi.

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