‘Love And Hip Hop Atlanta’ Stars Bambi & Erica Dixon Hash Things Out?

Photo Credit: VH1/YouTube

Were Bambi and Erica Dixon able to make peace?

“Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” stars Erica Dixon and Scrappy reached a low in their co-parenting relationship. They only communicate through text messages. And this is something that Erica has felt is completely absurd. She also believed that Scrappy’s wife Bambi didn’t actually want him to talk to Erica, thus putting even more of a strain on their ability to co-parent their daughter Emani.

Even the mothers have issues.

Momma Dee doesn’t get along with Bambi’s mother Cece. And Momma Dee accused Cece of assaulting her. Erica accused Cece of trying to fight Emani. She also said that she had to get the police involved. This of course didn’t sit well with Bambi. And she called Erica out for sending the police over to the house.

So it was starting to look as if things would never be peaceful between Erica, Scrappy, and Bambi. However, the situation may have changed for the better while they filmed “Love And Hip Hop Family Reunion.”

On a preview, Bambi even tells Scrappy he should face Erica. She says, “Now that we know she’s here, all you gotta do is go holler at her.”

And later on in the trailer, Erica tells Bambi she wants things to be better, “I really want us to be in a place of peace.”

Check out the video below.

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