Kandi Burruss Breaks Down in Tears While Discussing Kenya Moore & Double Standards

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The other women aren’t feeling Kenya Moore’s actions.

Kandi Burruss and Kenya Moore have formed a close friendship. But it seems as if they may have some things to address soon. On the current season of “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” Kenya is getting heat from some of the cast members for her actions in regards to the South Carolina trip.

She decided to bring her daughter and her nanny along on a private jet. She invited co-host, LaToya Ali, on the jet but she didn’t tell the others about her plans outside of Drew Sidora. And she told Drew to keep the information to herself so it wouldn’t cause drama.

Well, Drew told the others that Kenya didn’t want her to tell them about the jet ride. But what upset them more than a hot ride on a bus was not being told that they could bring their children, too.

On the upcoming episode, everyone except Kenya discusses this. And Kandi tells Porsha Williams, “I got a baby that’s younger than both of y’all babies. And she been crying every time I call home.”

Porsha Williams then says, “When it comes to you feeling like your mothering is above our mothering, it’s just not gon work for me.”

She continues, “This has really put a damper on how I feel. I can’t play this game tonight. I just feel like it’s not cool, so I’m gonna go to bed.”

Kandi Burruss breaks down.

Porsha says more in a green screen interview, “Whatever your case is, whatever your situation is, talk to your friends and tell them, ‘This is what I’m dealing with. I know this is a girl’s trip, but I’m gonna bring my daughter. Would you guys like to bring yours?'”

Kandi brings up how tough it’s been due to Blaze being not liking when she’s away, “It’s like, I don’t even say stuff about my kids. I got two little kids and Blaze, she FaceTimes with me. She cries when I hang up.”

In a green screen interview, Kandi says she was worried about bonding with Blaze due to surrogacy but Blaze is now “super clingy.” So being away from Blaze when she could have had the option to bring her to South Carolina is upsetting.

Kandi then tells the others that double standards are at play, “It just piss me off cause it’s all a double standard thing that’s happening right now and I’m not with it.”

Later on in the episode, Drew questions why people aren’t telling Kenya how they feel but instead pretending like they weren’t upset about it the other night. She feels it’s a bit fake. Porsha then tells Drew that she hasn’t been successful in forming a friendship with Kenya.

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