Kandi Burruss Says Things Get Much Worse Between LaToya Ali & Falynn Guobadia

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LaToya Ali has been a hot topic on social media.

Real Housewives of Atlanta” newbie LaToya Ali has a lot of fans of the show talking. She’s in the middle of a controversial feud with fellow newbie Drew Sidora. One of the main issues between them is that LaToya has had a lot to say about a wig Drew wore behind her back. In LaToya’s opinion, the wig was awful. And she told Kenya Moore that the wig looked more like a “pet” sitting on top of Drew’s head.

Later on, the women would discuss the situation. LaToya offered up a shady apology and told Drew that she wanted to gift her with a new wig. But Drew declined the offer and gifted LaToya with an autograph. She also called LaToya her “biggest fan.”

LaToya also rubbed Falynn Guobardia the wrong way as well. During their first conversation, LaToya told Falynn that she looked like the type of woman who would marry an older and wealthy man. Falynn also took issue with an old video from LaToya in which she called another woman “ghetto” and said she had “donkey kong” lips.

In a clap back posted on Instagram, Falynn accused LaToya of being a colorist. LaToya would later apologize for the video.

Interestingly enough, Kandi Burruss recently spilled some tea about what fans can expect on future episodes of “Real Housewives of Atlanta.” And she said that LaToya ends up doing something to Falynn that didn’t sit well with her.

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