More Rumors Come Out About OG + ‘Basketball Wives’ Ratings Continue to Fall

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OG is still having tension with some of the other stars on BBWLA.

Basketball Wives” has a lot of viewers discussing the show on social media. This is due to the explosive season 8 drama. Things popped off after Kristen Scott and OG clashed yet again. During an argument, OG go fed up and revealed that Byron Scott is not Thomas Scott’s biological father. Some of the other women on the show felt like OG went too far. But she would eventually reveal that it was Cece Gutierrez who told her first. And Byron told her that he didn’t see the big deal about her knowing because Thomas is still his son.

Regardless, OG’s revelation pretty much iced her out with everyone with the exception of Tami Roman, Jackie Christie, Jennifer Williams, and of course Cece.

Later on, OG would also get into it with Evelyn Lozada. Evelyn wasn’t feeling the fact that OG told people that she had a friendship with Evelyn’s ex Chad Johnson. During a heated exchange, OG pulled out texts of Chad hitting on her after Evelyn insulted OG’s looks. After Evelyn used a monkey emoji on Instagram, OG accused Evelyn of being racist.

And when some of the cast refused to film the reunion with OG, she accused them of being colorist towards her.

On the current season, the issues between OG and the others haven’t been resolved as of yet. Interestingly enough, some more rumors are coming out about what may have transpired as the cast filmed season 9. And it’s been alleged that things got so heated between OG and the others that some of them walked off during filming.

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