‘Basketball Wives’ Recap: Kristen & OG’s Conversation About Colorism Goes Nowhere

basketball wives season 9 episode 3
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Malaysia isn’t ready to make peace with Jackie.

Evelyn makes it to her mansion and waits for the other women to arrive. Everyone had to take a Covid test before coming to the house.

Shaunie is the first to get there. She’s been missing her family and friends while living in Houston. Malaysia is next. They ask her if she’s spoken to Jackie and she says she hasn’t. She doesn’t see the need to talk to someone who talked about her children.

While Jackie may not have made the rumors up, Malaysia thinks Jackie should have let the rumors die instead of spreading them within the group. So she’s happy that Jackie won’t be staying in the same mansion as her.

OG is open to having important conversations.

Meanwhile, Jackie makes it to her mansion. She calls Doug to tell him how amazing everything looks. For her, it’s the last chance for the ladies to fix their sisterhood. Distance should help the women move past their issues.

Jennifer is the first to arrive at Jackie’s mansion. Jennifer tells Jackie she’s not really needing to “clear the air” with anyone. She doesn’t want any drama in her life.

OG is the last to arrive at Jackie’s mansion. She tells the women that she and Kwame have been trying to get pregnant. So Jackie doesn’t mind giving some advice and she tells her positions that should increase their chances of having a son.

OG also says that she hasn’t spoken to the others she had issues with last season. But if they’re open to talking during the trip, she’s okay with this. But she’s just really trying to have fun. Meanwhile, Jackie isn’t giving up hope that things can be fixed between everyone. However, Jennifer doesn’t care and has no plans on going to Evelyn’s mansion.

Feby has a dilemma.

Liza is the next person to arrive at Evelyn’s mansion. She hasn’t been able to spend too much time with anyone due to the pandemic. So this should be an interesting experience for her.

Kristen arrives not too long after Liza and greets everyone. Meanwhile, Feby won’t be arriving yet until she finishes quarantining. Turns out, she was recently around someone who contracted Covid. Evelyn keeps Feby in her thoughts, especially since Evelyn’s stepfather recently passed away from Covid.

As Jackie and the others continue to talk about all the drama from the previous season, Jennifer says some people lack accountability. So she’s not trying to make too much of an effort to make peace. This annoys Jackie because she just wants people to hash things out. So she’s getting ready to go to Evelyn’s house to speak to the others. Jennifer isn’t feeling this and tells Jackie not to bring back any negative energy.

Malaysia avoids a conversation with Jackie.

Liza catches up with Shaunie and they talk about their kids. In a green screen interview, Liza says she’s been having issues with her children’s father, Lamar Odom. It feels as if he’s been giving her the runaround about college money for the kids. He’s been ignoring her and not telling her what happened to their college fund. It was supposed to be $200,000 set aside.

Before Jackie walks into Evelyn’s mansion, Malaysia decides to walk away to avoid interacting. However, Jackie ends up seeing her anyway. But both decide not to speak.

Kristen wants to talk to OG.

Jackie goes back to the living room area to talk to the others. And this is when Kristen says she wants to go to Jackie’s mansion and speak to OG. She wants to understand OG’s perspective when it comes to the colorism accusations since they are both dark-skinned women. Of course, Jackie is glad to hear this. However, Evelyn doubts that the conversation will be productive because she believes OG made up the colorism situation in her head.

She breaks down in tears over OG accusing her of being racist. Shaunie chimes in and says people shouldn’t make up things so serious just to have a moment in the spotlight. And she’s never discriminated against because of skin color. However, she does know she’s biased when it comes to Evelyn because they are close friends. So she’ll always see the good in Evelyn even when she’s wrong.

They discuss Jennifer. Shaunie says life is too short and she doesn’t want to hold on to any grudges with everything going on in the world.

Liza calls her son LJ to talk about not getting answers about his college fund from his father Lamar. She wants him to stand firm and ask his father what’s going on. This won’t be easy for him but it must be done.

OG prepares for a conversation with Kristen.

After Jackie leaves Evelyn’s mansion, the ladies discuss her desire to get everyone to talk. But Evelyn isn’t ready to move forward with OG because of the threats she’s received and OG posting a photo of her grandfather on Instagram and saying she’s not an Afro Latina. So in her opinion, OG is the only one who has a problem with skin color.

When Jackie gets back to the mansion, she tells OG and Jennifer that Kristen wants to hash things out with OG if she’s open to that. In a green screen interview, OG says she isn’t sure if they can fix their issues. But she’s willing to make an attempt. However, Jennifer doesn’t feel good about this. And she’s not happy that Jackie discussed her with the other ladies. But Jackie said she only made it clear that Jennifer didn’t want anything to do with the drama. And Jennifer wishes Jackie would have never brought her up to them.

The conversation doesn’t go well.

When Kristen arrives at Jackie’s mansion, OG says colorism is what she experienced. Kristen says she’s never experienced colorism in the group even though they are both dark-skinned women. But OG says Kristen has different features and they are more “slender.” So she wouldn’t understand. In a green screen interview, Kristen says this was disappointing to hear because it dismisses Kristen’s own past experiences in life.

OG then says that Kristen was colorist to her as well. And Kristen did this when she chose to side with Evelyn when it came to their showdown of receipts. But for Kristen, it wasn’t about skin tone. She just didn’t get along with OG at the time so she didn’t take her side on things.

OG then says that people who are lighter aren’t held accountable for the same actions she’s made. So that is colorism. Jennifer then says that OG was accused of being aggressive when others weren’t like Malaysia when she threw a table.

Jackie then interjects and says that she was actually called aggressive for past actions. So it’s not just OG.

Kristen says that in their last conversation, OG did tell her that she would break her jaw. OG said that Kristen has a mouth too, and she was just letting her know that she would break Kristen’s jaw if she kept “bucking up.” So she doesn’t see the issue.

As for Kristen, she doesn’t see colorism as an issue in the group. So OG says it’s time to end the conversation.

Kristen gives the others a recap.

When Kristen gets back to Evelyn’s mansion, she tells them her conversation with OG didn’t go well. She also explains that Jennifer said other people have been aggressive on the show and weren’t called out. Malaysia included. But Malaysia disagrees. And it was Jackie who said that other women have been called aggressive, including her. Malaysia is surprised to hear that Jackie said this.

Shaunie says it’s now been made clear to her that there is no space for there to be understanding.

As for OG, she feels nothing was accomplished talking to Kristen. And she knows “what kind of person she is.”

Jackie gets frustrated and says in a green screen interview that OG and Jennifer are being way too negative. And she may have to take some “drastic measures” to change things.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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