‘Love and Marriage: Huntsville’ Recap: Martell Breaks the News to His Mom, Breaking Her Heart

LAMH Season 2 Episode 16
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Maurice checks on Marsau.

Marsau’s nursing himself back to health at home after the car accident. Maurice stops by to check on his brother. Luckily, Marsau’s healing up although he’s by himself. Miss Wanda has the kids and LaTisha is still away. Maurice brings up the campfire and Martell’s conversation. Although Marsau already knows about the baby on the way, Marsau tries to get Maurice to talk about it. However, Maurice is mum.

Next, Marsau brings up how their friend Chris asked him about working with Martell on the old “Comeback Group” land. Unfortunately, Marsau’s unsure he wants to work on a project with Martell at this point.

Melody calls LaTisha about Wanda’s antics.

Meanwhile, Melody’s with her children positively affirming them, calling them little kings and queens before school. She also referred to their hair as the crowns God gave them. But at the forefront of her mind is Wanda’s altercation with Martell. She didn’t appreciate Wanda talking about their children’s hair on social media, nor did she like Martell going “down in the mud” with her.

So she calls LaTisha to air out her grievances about Wanda. But LaTisha’s caught off guard about this, saying this isn’t something Wanda would do. Melody’s not surprised about this defense of Wanda by LaTisha. LaTisha then invites them all to a hair event as a way to further affirm the kids and how they feel about their hair.

LaTisha then gets tongue-tied when she tells Melody Martell can drop the girls off at the event. Melody’s adamant Martell will not be doing that.

Marsau and Wanda clash, again, with LaTisha in the middle.

LaTisha makes it back from her trip and Marsau’s at the door to greet her. However, Wanda still has the kids in Birmingham. Marsau tells LaTisha about the accident and how it further inspired him to become more impactful for his community. But LaTisha says she felt helpless that she wasn’t there.

She then asks how his time went with Wanda in the house and Marsau began to vent. He wants to have a talk with Wanda about her recent behavior, calling her a bully. He didn’t have to wait long for the talk because Wanda walked in with the kids. She called it weird for Marsau to leave for a camping trip, claiming he had a woman in the car at the time of the accident.

The leads to a back and forth between the two, with LaTisha in the middle. Marsau tells LaTisha Wanda’s trying to get in between the two of them. Wanda retorts, bringing up how she didn’t like Marsau’s comments about LaTisha being from the “wrong side of the tracks.”

Marsau then tells Wanda she needs to leave. Before she leaves, Wanda tells Marsau off and LaTisha tells him he was disrespectful to her mom.

In the interview, Marsau says Wanda started it accusing him of cheating. When Wanda leaves, LaTisha tells him that he needs to be more active in their kids’ lives and calls a family meeting to talk about it.

LaTisha and Marsau’s talk devolves into an argument as LaTisha asks Marsau why he drove the sports car on a camping trip.

Martell delivers bad news to Chris Fletcher.

The next day, Martells visits Chris Fletcher’s office to deliver some unfortunate news. He tells Chris that due to the divorce and bankruptcies he calls “Legal Issues,” he can’t sell the “Comeback Group” land. This frustrates Chris as the land is currently under contract to be sold. Apparently, the buyers are out on land surveying and starting to set up for construction.

He then tells Chris that he’s prepared to hit rock-bottom.

The next day, LaTisha’s hosting her “Hey Brown Girl” event along with her cousin Keke. Melody shows up with her daughters and LaTisha’s happy to see her. Despite Melody feels like this is a well-needed event, she didn’t like the “sloppy” way LaTisha invited her to the event. The event goes well.

Latisha and Melody get on the same page.

Of course, Melody, Kimmi, and Destiny talk, and Destiny’s inspired to host a girl’s retreat with all of them; Melody included. Melody’s willing to attend and Kimmi’s impressed. LaTisha walks over to join them and Destiny tells her about the girl’s trip. LaTisha’s hesitant to go on this trip as she feels Kimmi doesn’t have her back and Melody’s a “mean girl.”

Melody feels the tension from LaTisha so she walks away. In her interview, Melody says LaTisha just wants to be “stuck” in the past.

When Melody walks away, LaTisha tells Destiny how she’s unsure a time with Melody won’t lead to clashing. Kimmi says she hopes the outcome of this leads to everyone being in a better place. Destiny agrees with Kimmi.

Later on, Melody does pull LaTisha aside to talk about the energy LaTisha she was giving off. LaTisha tells her that the energy Melody had on their trip to Tennessee was bad. Destiny and Kimmi look on and agree they need to make sure a professional mediator joins them on the trip.

During their talk, LaTisha and Melody were about to seemingly get on the same page. Lastly, the four of them come back together and all of them are friendly to one another, telling each other about the things going on in their lives.

Martell breaks his mom’s heart.

Later on, Martell takes the kids to visit his mom Marlene for a bit of family time. Martell’s looking for some positivity amid the divorce and his $250,000 land deal possibly falling through. So, they bake cookies together. When they get time to talk, Martell vents to Marlene about the divorce. First, he tells her how Melody talked to the kids about Arionne. He’s also frustrated about Melody going public about his cheating. Marlene emphasizes with Melody even after Martell tells her about Melody cheating.

Marlene asks about the pregnancy and Martell confirms Arionne is pregnant. This news really breaks Marlene’s heart. She has a love for Melody still and doesn’t want to see her hurt. This causes Marlene to cry. In fact, Marlene says she’ll always be her daughter-in-law. Seeing his mom like this makes Martell emotional.

But Martell says he has to get back up and make the best of the days to come.

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