RHOA Recap: Cynthia & Mike Tie the Knot + Drew & LaToya Clash Once Again

RHOA Season 13 Episode 13
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Cynthia is starting to stress out, even more, closer to the wedding.

It’s the evening of Cynthia’s wedding rehearsal. She’s worried because it’s raining and it’s likely that it will also rain on her wedding day, which is less than 24 hours away. Eva attends and she’s one of Cynthia’s bridesmaids. To make things easier, Cynthia and Mike decided to order pizzas to Cynthia’s home for the rehearsal dinner.

In a green screen interview, Cynthia says she’s also upset she’s been getting bashed in the media for having a wedding amid the pandemic. Wendy Williams really went in on Cynthia. She and Mike encouraged all the guests to get tested for Covid before attending the wedding, as well as to wear masks.

The bachelorette party is discussed.

When Kenya arrives, she catches up with Eva and Cynthia. They discuss Wendy’s comments but Kenya says that’s what happens when someone gets married at a time like this, unfortunately.

Not too long after Kenya arrives, Kandi pulls up. They talk about the Bolo controversy and how it’s been spreading on the blogs.

Kenya says Tanya touched and kissed people, mainly Porsha. She’s not sure if Shamea was involved in anything. And Kandi says that she didn’t see Shamea get involved. In a green screen interview, Cynthia says she doesn’t care what went down with Bolo. She’s minding her business and marrying her man.

Kandi feels the same way.

In a green screen interview, Kenya says that since no one else is willing to speak up about what happened, Porsha will says she’s lying.

Kandi wants to stay out of the drama.

Later on, Kandi says she’s not getting involved because she doesn’t want to ruin Tanya’s relationship. Regardless, Kenya wants Kandi to speak up with her. But Kandi doesn’t want to judge anyone because people should be able to do as they please s*xually.

Marlo cleared her name.

Shamea has a little get-together night for the nieces at her house. So Marlo, Porsha, and Drew were all invited. The Bolo accusations are brought up. And they discuss the fact that Kenya posted an Instagram post using the hashtag #itwasntme as the fans try to put together who did what at the party. Marlo also posted a photo using the same hashtag but she says it was a coincidence and she had no idea Kenya did it first.

She also says she had to clear her name because her 13-year-old nephew asked her what she did at the party because the rumors are everywhere.

In a green screen interview, Porsha says that Kenya is being calculated and put the story out, and used the hashtag to add fuel to the fire.

Drew and LaToya clash, again.

When it comes to Marlo’s relationship with Kenya, she says that she’s not going to let Porsha regulate her friendships. She can be cool with her and Porsha at the same time. Porsha says she has no idea what that has to do with anything and she’s not expecting anyone to choose. She just had questions about the hashtag Marlo and Kenya used on Instagram amid the Bolo rumors.

Not too long after, LaToya arrives. At first, she’s in a good place with Drew. They even hug each other and speak.

They play a game where they are dared to do some crazy things, including Marlo going topless.

After the game is over, LaToya jokes and says that Bolo posted a video saying he slept with Porsha and Tanya. Porsha gets serious and says that nothing happened between her, Bolo, and Tanya.

Porsha calls out LaToya for using the #itwasntme hashtag. LaToya ends up having another heated moment with Drew after LaToya says Drew had too much fun with Bolo when she’s married. So this makes her a hypocrite since she said that it was LaToya who doesn’t respect husbands.

Drew goes off and shades LaToya for being in the middle of a divorce.

Porsha doesn’t know how to feel about LaToya.

Regardless, LaToya says she thinks Kenya leaked the story. And Kenya already said that she does leak things to blogger B Scott. And B Scott is the one who identified Porsha and Tanya as being the two women who hooked up with Bolo.

LaToya says that she thinks Kenya may be playing dirty because she’s hurt and having marriage issues. And Marc wants spousal support. Porsha questions why LaToya would tell Kenya’s business if they are friends.

Porsha then asks LaToya if she’s okay with Kenya’s actions. At this point, Porsha can’t help but give her the side-eye because she’s not sure where LaToya’s loyalty actually lies.

Cynthia has something to be happy about amid her frustrations.

It’s Cynthia and Mike’s wedding day. Porsha isn’t happy that Dennis will be there. Hours ago, he posted on Instagram that he was “single as fck.” And with the rumors everywhere, Porsha knows some people will read this to mean that he believes the Bolo rumors. They’ve been broken up, so it just feels like Dennis was trying to be messy.

Before the wedding starts, Drew calls Cynthia and says that she’s having issues with her voice. So she won’t be able to sing at the wedding. At this point, Cynthia feels like anything that can go wrong is going wrong. But she finds solace in the fact that she’s marrying Mike. He’s “home” for her.

Some hot mic moments happen at the wedding.

After Cynthia and Mike make it official, Eva is caught on the mic talking about the bachelorette party. And she tells a friend that the ladies made out with each other and after they saw Bolo’s p*nis, they slept with him.

Dennis and Porsha have to move on.

Porsha and Dennis go out to dinner to hash things out. Dennis says Porsha didn’t have to tell social media she’s “single as f*ck” if her actions say it for her.

Dennis wants to understand why Porsha ended things. She says they were fighting too much during the quarantine.

For Dennis, he didn’t like that Porsha kicked him out multiple times. And he feels like Porsha’s mother Diane takes her side and gets cold with him when they have issues. Regardless, Porsha is tired of the back and forth. But she does want Dennis to continue to have a good relationship with PJ. And if it wasn’t for PJ, they would have been over a long time ago. So they need to both move on.

She becomes tearful and tells Dennis she’s tired of their back and forth. And she knows he’s tired, too.

What are your thoughts on the episode?


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