‘Basketball Wives’ Recap: Jackie And OG Continue to Have Tension

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On the recent episode of “Basketball Wives,” the conversation continues between OG, Malaysia, and Kristen. OG stands firm when it comes to the colorism accusations, and the others are starting to feel as if she’s not willing to hear any other perspectives. But after OG says that there’s a colorism issue in the group and everyone plays a part, Jackie gets offended. And her relationship with OG begins to break down. Things get emotional, and even Jackie is beginning to feel like there won’t be a resolution.

OG also has a heated moment with Nia and Noria. As they argue, OG accuses Nia of reaching out to her to get even with Feby. But Nia says it’s actually the other way around. And OG invited her to the reunion to be messy.

After Shaunie and Evelyn hear about all the drama, they decide that it’s time for them to end the trip and head back home. They don’t feel like they will ever have a productive conversation with OG. And as they exit, this sentiment becomes popular with the others.

Here’s a recap of, “Episode 6.”

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