‘Basketball Wives’ Recap: Jackie And OG Continue to Have Tension

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Things remain contentious.

OG’s conversation with Malaysia and Kristen continues. She says she experienced colorism when she was called Godzilla, ugly, and the others made fun of her clothes.

In response to this, Malaysia says OG has made similar comments about the others. And she’s critiqued their bodies, too. So she’s being hypocritical.

Regardless, OG is specific and says Feby is the one who called her Godzilla. And she believes Malaysia was talking about her when she said, “One monkey don’t stop no show” on Instagram. Malaysia says that post was about a recent breakup.

In a green screen interview, Jackie says it seems like the issue is OG assumes that a lot of things have been about her but they actually weren’t.

The conversation ends.

Malaysia tells OG that she hurt her when she accused her of bleaching her skin. OG says she just repeated what she was told because a woman told her Malaysia bleached on Instagram.  At this point, Malaysia feels like OG never thinks she’s wrong.

But for OG, she feels others have been able to be aggressive on the show, and even violent without getting the labels she’s been given.

Since the conversation goes nowhere, Jackie suggests they end it for now.

OG gives her examples of colorism.

Later on, they pick back up on the colorism accusations. OG says that everyone in the group has been colorist towards her. And she says an example of colorism is when a black parent tells their child to “wake your black a*s up.” And white parents don’t do this.

After Malaysia and Kristen chill outside, OG and Jackie recap things with Jennifer, Noria, and Nia in the mansion. Jackie says that OG said everyone in the group has been colorist. In a green screen interview, OG said that if Jackie took what she said personally, then that’s her issue.

At this point, Noria says that she took issue with OG’s tone in previous conversations. OG gets irritated and when Noria continues to try to speak, and she tells Noria to let her finish or she will be finished. Noria then tells OG to finish her.

They continue to argue and Nia chimes in and says that just like OG doesn’t want them to say certain things, she doesn’t want to be asked about Feby.

Malaysia and Kristen are in their car and hear them arguing.

Accusations about Feby add to the drama.

OG tells Nia not to pretend that this is the first time they have discussed Feby. But OG says they met through someone and discussed Feby. So Nia says that OG asked her to come to the reunion and expose Feby.

In a green screen interview, Jennifer says that she’s not surprised by anything that was said. She thinks OG can be strategic. Regardless, OG denies that she invited Nia to the reunion. As for Jackie, she says she had no idea that Nia even knew Feby or dated Lance before inviting her and Noria on the trip.

Shaunie and Evelyn are done.

When Malaysia and Kristen return to Evelyn’s mansion, they tell them how the conversation went. And that OG said that everyone in the group has been colorist towards her. Malaysia could tell that Jackie got upset at that point. They also discuss the fact that OG got into with Nia and Noria as well. So she thinks that OG is the problem at this point.

Evelyn calls Jackie and tells her to bring Nia and Noria over to the mansion.

When they get there, Noria says that OG threatened her. And OG reached out to Nia to ask her to come to the reunion and expose Feby.

Jackie is upset that OG said everyone has been colorist towards her, and she’s included.

Shaunie says that she would talk to OG if she was open-minded. She knows that she shows favor to Evelyn because they have been friends for 20 years, but it doesn’t seem like OG wants a resolution. So she’s not wanting to talk. And she’s not feeling the energy, so she’s going back home.

Evelyn agrees and says that it’s hard because no one knows what will be twisted and turned against them.

OG and Jackie have a tense moment.

When Jackie gets back to her mansion, she talks with OG and Jennifer. She tells them Shaunie is leaving and OG says that she’s not backing down from the colorism accusations. Jackie says she was hurt because OG said she is colorist, too. OG says that she said that there is a colorism issue with the whole group, including herself. In a green screen interview, Jennifer is just about over it.

Kristen texts Jackie and tells her that Shaunie and Evelyn left. And Jackie relays this information and tells OG that she’s not a colorist and never has been. She also says OG hasn’t been willing to hear any other perspectives, and that prevents everyone from being able to talk and move forward.

At this point, OG gets emotional and walks away.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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