‘Married to Medicine’ Stars Toya Bush-Harris & Dr. Eugene Harris Respond to Quad Webb

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Quad Webb’s accusations offended Toya Bush-Harris.

Toya Bush-Harris recently appeared on “Watch What Happens Live.” Of course, Andy Cohen asked her what she had to say in response to the accusations made by Quad Webb while she was talking to Dr. Heavenly Kimes.

Toya said, “You know, I was very disappointed in the two of them. I just felt like here’s two women who are supposed to be my friends but I wasn’t surprised. I mean they seem like angry women. First of all, I’ve never been accused in 8 years of being on this show of anyone who has been a thief. And Quad has definitely been accused of being a liar and a thief. And she’s sitting here saying I had to borrow and steal from my home? This from a woman who doesn’t even have a home of her own.”

She continued, “She’s never purchased a home in her life. And she’s talking about mine but I wasn’t surprised because they’ve been talking about me in a negative way since I’ve been on the show.”

Dr. Eugene Harris responds, too.

A fan of the show also asked Toya about the reports claiming that she and Dr. Eugene Harris put their new home up for sale. In response, Toya said, “Everyone says this is my dream house. First of all, I built it. I love it. I’m not Barbie. It’s great. But everybody in my neighborhood was selling their homes and they were making over a million dollars over what they bought it for. So I was like shoot, let me see if I can get in on it, honey.”

When Andy asked Toya if they received an offer on their house, Toya said they haven’t.

Eugene took to Twitter to respond to Quad’s accusations as well. He wrote, “As far as beg…never done that! Borrow? It’s called a mortgage and it’s what grown folk do when they buy a house! Too bad some could never get past underwriting. Steal? If u have proof call the law!”

Interestingly enough, Quad clapped back at Eugene. In a tweet, she wrote, “Your wife Tacky Toya created all of this mess. Now you’re jumping in to fight her battle. My advice to you is to stay out of women’s business. If you keep it up, I’m going to buy you a XXXL skirt & treat you like a woman I don’t know. So sit down!”

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