RHOA Star Porsha Williams Confronts Marlo Hampton About Friendship with Kenya Moore

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Kenya Moore’s truce with Marlo Hampton isn’t sitting well with Porsha Williams.

Months ago, “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Porsha Williams hinted at a fallout with Marlo Hampton. She did so while filming an episode of “Bravo’s Chat Room.” When Andy Cohen asked the ladies who they wished they could quarantine away from on their respective shows, Porsha said that she would have to say, Kenya Moore, as well as Marlo.

Well, it seems as if viewers will find out what led to the rift between Marlo and Porsha. And it’s looking like the issue is the fact that Marlo is back in a good place with Kenya.

On the upcoming episode, Porsha and Marlo talk things out. Porsha says, “I feel like your movement has changed being a friend to me.” Marlo responds with, “It’s been like an elephant in the room. And I feel it’s different because of Kenya.”

Porsha then makes it clear that she felt some type of way about Kenya seeing Marlo’s new showroom when she hasn’t yet, “This whole thing with Kenya, if you wanna bring it up, you had your showroom, and I didn’t know when the showroom was opening. I knew that you were having it because you told me about it. And well, you invited somebody there.”

Marlo clarifies that the showroom isn’t open and she didn’t invite Kenya, “I didn’t invite anyone to it. She called and asked if she could come.”

Porsha says she would just like the opportunity to support Marlo’s new venture and she’s not feeling what she thinks is a drop in communication, “And now you been here this whole weekend, you have not called my phone. Nothing.”

So who changed?

For Marlo, she hasn’t contacted Porsha because she was having back pain. But she recalls when she wasn’t happy about Porsha being on good terms with Kenya last season, “My back has been hurting. I’m a friend to you and I feel like you don’t trust me being friends with someone you don’t f*ck with. Let’s keep it 100. I wasn’t here for Kenya at all when y’all was doing playdates. Was I hating on her? You was, ‘No, she’s so sweet.’

She adds, “And I went in your room and said, ‘Get out of all that, Marlo. Let your guards down. Listen to this girl.'”

For Porsha, it’s about energy, “And as soon as y’all made up, that’s when your energy changed.” But Marlo feels the same way about Porsha, “I felt that’s when you changed.”

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