LaToya Ali Has Some Regrets + Kandi Burruss Explains Her Anger Towards Drew Sidora

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LaToya Ali revealed her regrets.

Drew Sidora was hoping that she would be able to expose LaToya Ali to the other women on “Real Housewives of Atlanta.” Things started off rocky after LaToya was critical of Drew’s past choices in wigs. But Drew took things even further when she revealed that LaToya told her she wanted to cut out on her drinking. Plus, she wanted to work on herself spiritually. So Drew’s assistant introduced LaToya to Drew’s pastor, Prophet Lott.

Drew has since accused LaToya of hooking up with the prophet while he had a fiancee and baby.

LaToya and the prophet have both denied the accusations. And LaToya and Drew had a heated moment at Cynthia Bailey’s Christmas party.

During the argument, Drew said LaToya was looking for some “prophet d*ck.” And LaToya said that Drew’s husband Ralph Pittman wants a woman that looks like her and she’s also made some comments about Drew’s body.

However, LaToya recently said that she regrets some of the things she has said. She revealed this during the After Show.

She said, “I attacked Drew.” LaToya continued, “I did say some hurtful things that I do regret.”

LaToya addressed taking shots at Drew’s body, “I think I called her ‘F-A-T’ which I shouldn’t have.” She added, “I said, ‘Continue rocking those Gucci bag, fanny packs to cover up your flabby stomach.’ Because she does wear those a lot to cover up her belly. Which she should just use a treadmill to lose the weight. But I did attack her and I do regret that because it’s quarantine weight. We all have flab on our bellies. But she just triggered me to the point where I said anything and everything to hurt her.”

Kandi Burruss explained her anger towards Drew Sidora.

In related news, Kandi Burruss explained why she got so upset with Drew at Cynthia’s event. And for her, she felt Drew crossed the line with her “gag gift.” So when a Twitter user asked Kandi why she came for Drew so hard when LaToya has been gunning for Drew since the beginning of the season and they feel Kandi never called LaToya out for this, Kandi responded.

Kandi wrote, “I was mad that she brought that wack gift. It was a thousand dollar gift so that everybody could be happy with what they got. But Drew bringing a gag gift to spite them messed it up. Any1 of us could’ve ended up with that box. That wasn’t fair when everybody spent a lot of money.”

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