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Yandy Smith Breaks Down in Tears Over a Revelation Made by Mendeecees Harris

Photo Credit: VH1/YouTube

Past issues with his mother have made Mendeecees Harris more guarded.

Yandy Smith was worried about the backlash she would receive after “Love And Hip Hop New York” fans found out she wasn’t legally married to Mendeecees Harris. However, she felt this was the right thing to do seeing as he had to serve time in prison.

Even though they were able to get past that issue, nowadays, they have tension over how often they communicated while Mendeecees was locked up.

On “Couples Retreat,” Yandy said that she doesn’t like that Mendeecees would be quick to tell her that she could just leave him if she didn’t want to answer his calls and send him emails more often. While talking to him about it, she said, “That made me feel like that it wasn’t much of a fight for you. Like it was easy to let me go. Nobody that’s your woman wants to feel like they are easy to get over.”

However, Mendeecees said his past issues with his mom prepared him for anyone leaving his life, “I mean I feel like if I can deal with my mom leaving me and that’s the trauma, I felt like I could deal with anybody leaving me.”

Yandy Smith was hurt by a revelation.

At this point, Yandy asked if Mendeecees would have supported her if she went to prison, “I think you had a lot of time on your hands. And I think with that time, I think I did a d*mn good job. I say that to you all the time like if the roles were reversed, would you hold me down?”

Mendeecees then said, “If the shoes were on the other foot, you know, I don’t know what I would be able to do.” A disappointed Yandy said, “And that’s a problem.”

In a green screen interview, Yandy broke down in tears, “So Mendeecees finally admitted that he doesn’t know if he would have stayed if the roles were reversed. And that’s so hurtful because people have said to me, ‘You doing all this but would he do that for you?’ And I’ve always combatted with, ‘He would. We love each other.’

She added, “But to hear him sit here in my face and be like I don’t know, that’s so unfair.”

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