Yandy Smith Breaks Down in Tears Over a Revelation Made by Mendeecees Harris

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Mendeecees Harris and Yandy Smith clashed over communication.

Love And Hip Hop New York” couple Yandy Smith and Mendeecees Harris have been through a lot. While they did go through a lot of drama with Mendeecees’ baby mommas, their biggest obstacle was the years Mendeecees had to spend in prison. It was such a hard moment for Yandy that she suffered a mental breakdown. And she wasn’t sure how she would be able to make it through while raising their children.

Even though Mendeecees is now out of prison, it doesn’t mean their relationship has been easier.

In fact, they addressed some of their issues on VH1’s “Couples Retreat.”

When they were asked by AJ Johnson if they had any insecurities, it was revealed that they clashed while Mendeecees was in prison over how often Yandy answered phone calls and sent emails.

Yandy said, “When he was locked up, I was locked up.” Mendeecees then said, “But you ain’t email for two months…for six months.” Yandy responded with, “But that’s because I was talking to you every day.”

Mendeecees disagreed, “You lying, you don’t even get that many minutes.”

Time wasn’t something Yandy Smith always had.

Yandy explained how the communication issue led to Mendeecees saying they don’t have to be together, “And if I didn’t talk to you, it was a problem. Then it would be, ‘You know, you don’t have to do this.’ And for me it felt like, don’t negate what I have been doing. Don’t negate me making sure the kids are good, don’t negate the calls I did pick up.”

In a green screen interview, Yandy explained why she thought this issue was silly, “This isn’t the first time the phone call, email thing has come up. And I normally just brush it away but now I’m frustrated. Do you understand what my life was like? I’m raising two babies, I’m running five companies. You wanna talk about emails? Calls? Talk about how these bills was gonna get paid. I don’t have time to write emails and letters.”

Mendeecees Harris explained why he told Yandy Smith she could leave him.

As for Mendeecees, he didn’t think he was wrong to tell Yandy she could just leave him, “I was kind of holding resentment because the moment I step out of here, she gonna be blowing my phone up every five seconds. So for me, I started to feel like I was put on a shelf. I wasn’t going nowhere, and you’d play with me when it’s time for me to be free.” He continued, “I wasn’t gonna allow no one to treat me any different from me being free to me being incarcerated. Treat me the same. Don’t mishandle me like that. Not when I give her the opportunity…If you ever get tired and it becomes too much, then you’re free.”

Mendeecees also said he didn’t want to be selfish, “I think it would have been selfish of me to try to hold her in a relationship that she didn’t want to be in. You free. Anything can happen. People meet people, fall in love…I ain’t want to force somebody to go through something like that with me.”

Well, the conversation got even more hurtful for Yandy after she asked Mendeecees if he would have supported her if the roles were reversed and she served time in prison.

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