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RHOA Recap: Drew and Latoya Make Progress + Kenya is Confused by Fallout with Porsha

RHOA Season 13 Episode 21

Photo Credit: Bravo

As the Bolo situation is discussed, Kenya thinks she had a right to put Porsha on blast.

Kenya doesn’t regret demanding to know if anything happened between Porsha and Bolo because even though the cameras were gone, she believes the cast was still technically at work. And even though Kandi disagreed with Kenya’s actions, she says she can’t control Kenya and tell her what to do.

And Kenya says she had a right to “exploit” what she thinks happened because they are on a reality show.

Regardless, Kandi feels that Marlo is trying to drag her into all the drama. But Marlo says once again that it was Kandi who told her “what happened.”

The Phaedra and Porsha situation is brought up…again.

Marlo then goes on to say that they are at the reunion on the dungeon set because of the lies Porsha told on Kandi years ago. At this moment, Porsha takes a strut and says that they have made the entire show all about her.

After Kenya says Porsha lies a lot, Porsha says that Kenya is lying about her marriage and has lied a lot about her life on the show. Porsha questions why Kenya is so concerned with her s*x life. And if Kenya was just as concerned about her marriage, she’d still be with Marc.

When Kandi attempts to defend Kenya and brings up what happened four years ago, Porsha then says they are using the moment from the past to condemn her. At this point, Andy flat out asks if Kandi is still upset about the situation.

Kandi says she’s always going to “feel a type of way” about it but she thinks that she is in a better place with Porsha. Porsha then says that Marlo and Kenya don’t have a strong enough issue with the Bolo situation so they are trying to bring back up the past because they don’t have anything else to stand on.

Marlo reveals what she thinks led to her fallout with Porsha.

Porsha denies being upset that Kandi told Don Juan about what happened. Kandi says she left the group text after the episode aired, and then Porsha says she left the group text after Marlo posted the “It Wasn’t Me” hashtag on Instagram.

Marlo says that she isn’t being a puppet for Kenya. And her relationship with Kenya is good but Marlo still wants to take things one day at a time. And she doesn’t trust Kenya 100 percent.

Marlo explains that she thinks the fallout between her and Porsha is due to her being cool with Kenya. But Porsha says she made this all up because Porsha is friends with Kandi, Shamea, and Cynthia; and all three are friends with Kenya.

As far as the leak to media, Kenya denies leaking anything to Page Six.

Drew and LaToya talk about Prophet Lott.

Tanya is discussed. Porsha says they are still friends and she will remain loyal to her. Kenya says if she was Tanya, she’d be offended watching the show after she left. Both Porsha and Drew say Kenya needs to stop speaking for Tanya when she’s no longer on the show.

The Prophet Lott situation is also discussed. Drew says the issue was that LaToya’s rumored relationship with Prophet Lott caused other prophets who would have done her baby blessing to pull out too. But LaToya says that it’s really none of Drew’s business and the prophet’s personal life is none of anyone’s concern.

The audio Drew played at the Christmas get-together isn’t believable to Andy and the rest of the cast. And they feel Drew has no receipts to prove anything.

Regardless, Drew says that she understands that there is such thing as false prophets. And she’s heard so scandalous things about Prophet Lott since the baby blessing mishap.

Regardless, Drew apologizes for the gag gift. Surprisingly, Drew and LaToya admit that they do still want to work on fixing their relationship and starting fresh.

Kenya and Porsha talk about what went wrong.

Andy asks Porsha and Kenya what led to them falling out again after they appeared to make up during the previous season. Kenya says they were good until the bowling alley event. Kenya didn’t like that Porsha said in a green screen interview that Marc ran their relationship.

Porsha’s issue is the way she’s seen Kenya treat her friends. So when Kenya showed up to Marlo’s wig launch with a marching band, she was turned off. But Marlo says that she couldn’t tell because Porsha was on the floor laughing about it. Regardless, Porsha doesn’t want a friendship with Kenya anymore.

Kenya is also upset that Porsha didn’t defend her when NeNe said it looked like Kenya was pregnant with a buffalo. Drew says that Kenya can be difficult and she wasn’t nice when they first met. Kenya gets angry and says this is a lie.

Before the friends leave the stage, Shamea reveals she doesn’t appreciate being called Porsha’s lapdog. And Porsha says everyone on the stage wants a friend to support them. So she doesn’t see the issue nor understand why Shamea was constantly attacked for it.

The women end the reunion on a positive note as Andy has crab cakes brought out to everyone.

What are your thoughts on the season?

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