‘Black Ink Crew’ Star Ceaser & Attorney Speak Out + Crystal Fires Back

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Ceaser and his attorney spoke out.

Ceaser discussed his issues with Cheyenne on the recent episode of “Black Ink Crew.” According to Cease, he got into it with Cheyenne after she refused to wash the dishes after moving in with him and his girlfriend in Atlanta. Months later, Cheyenne accused Cease of beating her on Instagram Live. Then she got into a nasty spat with Cease’s girlfriend Suzette.

Cease denied ever putting his hands on Cheyenne. However, Cheyenne and her mother Crystal stand by the accusations made. They also said the police were called and a police report and photos back this up.

Days ago, Crystal also claimed that Cease sent a cease and desist letter to Cheyenne so she can’t speak on the situation publicly anymore.

In response to this, Cease and his lawyer held a press conference. And his attorney said that Cease isn’t suing Cheyenne, he’s suing Crystal for defamation. He didn’t send a cease and desist to Cheyenne, but to Crystal. His lawyer also claimed everything went left after Cheyenne moved into Cease’s home from New York. He and Crystal agreed to stop the child support payments since Cheyenne was living with him, and Crystal allegedly instigated issues with Cheyenne and Cease while his romance with Suzette progressed.

At the press conference, it was also alleged that Cheyenne refused to wash the dishes when Cease asked. Cheyenne also had her music playing loudly while she was in the bathroom taking a shower, and Cease asked her to turn down her music. She did momentarily but turned the volume higher after he left. So Cease took the speaker out and Cheyenne then allegedly called Cease a “n*gga.”

Cease got angry and left to run some errands. When he returned, he saw police cars were at his house. Cheyenne called Crystal to tell her what happened and then the police were called to do a welfare check. The police officers did a check and Cheyenne told them she didn’t need medical attention. And “no incidents of abuse or a beating” were found.

After the situation, Cease agreed to let Cheyenne return to New York to live with Crystal. This story wasn’t posted by Cheyenne and Crystal on Instagram until Cease posted videos and photos of himself out at Disney World with Suzette and her children. Crystal eventually filed a stay-away order against Cease. When a reporter at the press conference asked Cease to respond to Cheyenne accusing Suzette of fat-shaming her and calling her out her name, Cease denied that this ever happened. And he said that Suzette actually has been trying to “uplift” Cheyenne.


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Crystal has had enough.

Well, Crystal is fighting back. She posted what she claims is the alleged copy of the cease and desist letter. She also said that in addition to Cease’s alleged actions, she also alleged that another big issue is that Suzette allegedly antagonizes and gaslights Cheyenne on social media. Crystal also accused Cease of being a part-time father for Cheyenne who pretended to be more involved on “Black Ink Crew.”

Plus, Crystal has hired an attorney, too. And her attorney said that Cease’s defamation lawsuit against Crystal is “frivolous.” And this is all a publicity stunt by Cease. Crystal also alleged that Cease was found guilty of neglect in the state of New York.

Crystal also posted the alleged cease and desist letter, too. Check it out here.

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