‘Black Ink Crew’ Recap: Is Donna Done with the Show?

black ink crew season 9 episode 7
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On the latest episode of “Black Ink Crew,” Donna becomes the hot topic at the shop. Ceaser has been hearing that Donna is very hard for the others to deal with. And it’s at the point where people aren’t sure how to move forward now that the crew has relocated to Atlanta during the pandemic.

So Puma comes up with the idea of having a retreat for the Atlanta and New York crews. He feels this is the only way they can solve their issues with Donna and end the tension between all the team members. Even though Donna agrees to go on the retreat, her conversations with the others go nowhere. She clashes with the producers and has another tense moment with Cease.

With no resolution in sight, Teddy asks Alex if Donna is having some issues with her mental health. Alex admits she does and things aren’t going so well in Donna’s personal life. But before the others can try to talk to Donna about her personal issues, she and Alex quietly leave the house.

And then it’s discovered that Donna has blocked just about everyone from the shop on Instagram. So it’s starting to look as if Donna may be completely done with Black Ink.

Plus, Young Bae receives some scary news that makes her question her safety as an Asian American.

Here’s a recap for, “The Story of the Spyder and the Fish.”

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