OG Leaves ‘Basketball Wives’ & Familiar Faces Are Returning to the Show?

Photo Credit: VH1

OG became an outcast.

OG hasn’t had an easy time on “Basketball Wives.” While she was able to form solid friendships with Tami Roman and Cece Gutierrez, she had tension with the others. Even her relationships with Jackie Christie and Jennifer Williams fell apart on the recent season. The issue was OG believed colorism was an issue in the group. And in her opinion, no one had clean hands.

OG believed she was treated unfairly because she has dark skin. When she discussed this, there was outrage. Shaunie O’Neal didn’t want to film with her, neither did Evelyn Lozada. And OG’s conversations with Jackie, Malaysia Pargo, Kristen Scott, and Jennifer Williams went left.

By the end of the season, OG didn’t appear to be on good terms with anyone on the cast. So after Jackie asked her to leave the rental house, OG obliged. And it seemed as if she was done with the show for good.

A lot of cast changes may have happened.

Interestingly enough, this may have been confirmed thanks to a new report. Hip Hollywood recently reported that the only people from the previous cast returning for the upcoming season are Jackie Christie, Malaysia Pargo, Nia and Noria Dorsey.

It was said that Shaunie will return in a smaller compacity and she’s focusing on her new production deal with VH1.

There was no mention of Liza Morales, Kristen Scott nor Feby Torres.

Although there appears to be multiple departures, Hip Hollywood also claimed that familiar faces are returning. The site alleges that Angel Brinks, Brooke Bailey, DJ Duffey, and Brittish Williams have agreed to film for the upcoming season. And Brandi Maxiell may return as well.

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