Balistic Beats Says Joseline Hernandez Needs to Meet His Standards + She Claps Back

Photo Credit: Zeus Network/YouTube

Joseline Hernandez has some words for Balistic Beats.

Joseline Hernandez wasted no time becoming one of the most controversial figures on “Love And Hip Hop Atlanta.” But she decided to leave the show after she started having some tension with Mona Scott Young. Joseline said the show was actually toxic for her. And she didn’t feel as if she received the respect she deserved.

She has since moved on to Zeus Network and the current season of “Joseline Cabaret Atlanta” has been a hot topic on social media for months.

On a recent episode of the show, Joseline managed to upset her fiancé Balistic Beats. He didn’t appreciate the fact that Joseline was naked in the pool with Sapphire, another cast member.

In a green screen interview, Balistic said, “Why you got your t*tties out? And Sapphire don’t got her t*tties out? What the f*ck is going on in the pool? You got your t*tties out and sh*t. I’m not there. You know, I’m not feeling that. I hold my lady to a very high standard because I hold myself at a high standard.”

Joseline had something to say about Balistic’s anger about the situation in a green screen interview of her own. She said, “When you went after the baddest b*tch, you knew who I was then. So don’t try to act like you don’t know how I am now.”

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