Balistic Beats Says Joseline Hernandez Needs to Meet His Standards + She Claps Back

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Joseline Hernandez remains true to herself despite the backlash.

Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” star Joseline Hernandez doesn’t mind being tied up in controversy. In fact, controversy is what made her one of the most memorable people on the cast. Quickly, viewers learned that Joseline was always going to speak her mind. And she didn’t care if that would result in a fistfight. Plus, her complicated history with Stevie J. is one that made the first couple of seasons of the show popular on social media.

Even though Joseline receives a lot of criticism for her on and off-screen actions, she remains true to herself. But she’s not going to allow anyone to make her feel small or not show her the respect she feels she deserves regardless of any of her controversial actions.

Interestingly enough, her fiancé Balistic Beats wants more out of Joseline than what people are accustomed to. He’s made this clear on “Marriage Boot Camp,” and not much has changed. Not even on “Joseline’s Cabaret Atlanta.”

On a recent episode, Balistic wasn’t feeling it when Joseline was nude in the swimming pool with another cast member. He called her out and explained in a green screen interview that he has certain standards he thinks Joseline should uphold. And well, Joseline thinks Balistic should remember who he’s in a relationship with.

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