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‘Married to Medicine’ Star Dr. Heavenly Kimes Makes Messy Accusations About Kari Wells

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More accusations are made.

Kari Wells and Dr. Heavenly Kimes aren’t on the best terms. And the “Married to Medicine” stars have had some interesting things to say about one another on social media.

While Heavenly was reviewing the season finale on YouTube with Anila Sajja, Kari came up. Heavenly said that Dr. Jackie Walters told her that Kari referred to her as “the help.” Heavenly also didn’t like that Kari called Heavenly ignorant for asking if the British flag was the confederate flag. This happened as Kari showed off her flag-inspired swimsuit during the Jekyll Island trip.

In response to this, Heavenly said, “Cause I don’t like no white woman saying anything about ignorance. You know I was playing about that d*mn British flag. F*ck you Kari, okay? Call me the help and say I’m ignorant, I’m laying into Duncan’s a*s. And I’m not too far off the kids.”

Kari recently called out Heavenly for coming for her husband Dr. Duncan Wells at the reunion.

She then made some messy accusations, too, “Cause the people had said, now I don’t know what’s real or not or ain’t but they say you was his medical mistress now that was season one. And you was f*cking Duncan before y’all was married. You wh*re!”


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Kari responded to this on OMFG Reality TV’s Instagram page. She wrote, “I find her opinion interesting, however, not truthful. This is what she does, calls people out when they cannot defend themselves. She blocks them, so they cannot respond to her inaccurate viewpoint. Too afraid to say things like this to my face.”

When an Instagram user asked Kari if she really called Heavenly the help, Kari wrote, “DID NOT!! I made a joke about her clothing, that’s all. Saying she looked like a waiter.”

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