‘Married to Medicine’ Recap: Toya Explains Putting House up for Sale + Scott is Fed Up

married to medicine season 8 episode 17
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Anila and Toya show their receipts.

Andy asks Anila if she wants him to read some of the criticism from fans of the show. One questioned how she could move into a $3 million dollar home when she struggled to pay Toya’s makeup artist on time. Another asked why Anila kept talking about going over the budget for the home if she’s doing so well financially. At this point, Anila pulls out two documents. And she says they are receipts that show she paid the makeup artist. Toya then says she has text messages from the hairstylist and makeup artist stating that Anila didn’t pay on time.

Toya then shows a text message from the hairstylist who sent texts to Anila saying that he shouldn’t have to keep asking her to pay him for the services rendered. At this point, Anila changes the subject and questions why Toya hasn’t given her hairstylist a raise in 8 years.

As far as their friendship goes, Toya says that she can’t trust Anila and Anila made a big issue out of Toya asking her why she was taking a long time to pay the hairstylist.

Quad gives an update.

Anila says Toya treated her like a puppet and Toya says she can’t be blamed for Heavenly for calling Anila that. Then Anila says Toya talks down to everyone, including the other women in their neighborhood.

Simone says Toya has a good heart but she’s not always a delicate flower. Toya apologizes and both women agree that they can leave the past in the past. They even hug it out.

Quad comes on the stage and says she’s no longer renting a house. She bought a house in Atlanta and she’s proud of it. And she says it’s a mansion she paid for by herself.

They briefly discuss Quad going off on Heavenly on Instagram. She says the emojis confused her, but they’re sisters and moved past it. Simone chimes in to say she was shocked to see Quad forgive Heavenly so fast because she holds grudges. Quad says Heavenly has said some messy things about her, so she thought the worst when she saw the emojis.

She also confirms that she’s dating and happy with the men she’s getting to know.

The ladies aren’t here for Toya’s excuses.

Toya opens up about why she’s struggled to get along with the others so much this season. She breaks down in tears and says she was scared Eugene was going to get Covid. She was really in a bad place mentally. Heavenly and Contessa get irritated and remind her that everyone is going through something. Toya then says that Eugene is the only doctor in the group who is an ER doctor. So he’s actually on the frontlines of the pandemic.

She also says Heavenly called her stupid and a prostitute. So she’s not the only one who has crossed the line with words. Regardless, she realizes she was wrong for the way she came at the others. Toya also confirms they put their house up for sale and that’s due to the fact that multiple people in their neighborhood were able to sell their homes for a million dollars. She also wouldn’t mind being closer to their children’s new school.

Scott gets frustrated.

They discuss Contessa and Scott’s marriage. Quad reveals Contessa has filed for a separation. Scott is watching from backstage and gets angry. He says he feels like Contessa pulled a sneak attack putting this information out there and he will leave the reunion if this is what Contessa wants to do.

What are your thoughts on part one of the reunion?

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