Shamari DeVoe Believes She Was Portrayed As a Drunk on ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’

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After departing RHOA, Shamari DeVoe opens up about editing.

Shamari DeVoe is one person some “Real Housewives of Atlanta” fans feel should have been back for a second season. And they weren’t clear on if it was Shamari’s decision to not return to the show or if she wasn’t asked back. Regardless, she had some things to say about her brief time on RHOA during an interview with the Jasmine Brand. She wasn’t exactly thrilled about how she was portrayed and how editing played out during her scenes.

When asked why she left the show, Shamari said, “In life, there’s a balance, right? So there’s good and there’s bad. There’s a lot of editing so they make you look like something that you’re not. So there was a scene that I did on the Housewives that was about couples and bringing…just learning certain skills to keep a relationship going. And they cut that whole scene out but they wanted to show me with my little wine. And make it seem like I’m just this drunk or whatever. But that’s just not me.” She continued, “There’s a balance.”

Shamari DeVoe said her mother was concerned.

Shamari also said that the show didn’t show her charity work either.

She wanted to make it clear that she didn’t drink often, “I hadn’t drink in two years because I was pregnant with the boys, I was breastfeeding so when I got on Housewives, they just shoving drinks on you left and right. They like, ‘Have this, have this!’ So I’m like cool, I can finally get a break from the twins. And I ain’t nothing but this big, I’m like 125 so you know, it went straight to the head.”

While she’s not saying that she would never return to “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” she would have to make sure it was right for her and her family before she ever came back.

And the show even had Shamari’s mother concerned, “And it got to the point where my mother was saying, ‘Shamari, Are you drinking so much? Are you an alcoholic? I said, ‘Mommy, you know I’m not. You drink more than I do!'”

Shamari recently made her return to reality television with Carlos King’s latest show, “BET Presents: The Encore.”

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