LAMH Recap: Melody’s Friend Tiffany Spills Tea, Irritating Destiny & Kimmi

LAMH Season 3 Episdode 3
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LaTisha and Melody are in a better place.

Melody and Latisha are seemingly in a much better place despite what occurred previously. The friendship is at a point where Melody welcomes LaTisha into her house and LaTisha has a gift for the house; a bottle from the Scott’s wine lie. LaTisha lets Melody also know she and Marsau are looking at opening another cigar lounge in another city.

The two reminisce over their friendship and Melody asks about Marsau. LaTisha lets Melody know their 10 year anniversary is coming up soon and wants to use an upcoming trip to Houston to have them focus on their marriage. Melody says she doesn’t want to have the same mistakes she did in not paying attention to the red flags.

Jaylin and Marsau come to an understanding about Blaque.

Meanwhile, Marsau visits his mom Marlene after his recent time at therapy with Melody. Martell recaps the last trip over to Melody’s to pick up the children. Marlene doesn’t like when Vanessa confronted Martell regarding the breakup. But Marlene suggests to Martell he talks to Vanessa.

Later on, Marsau’s in a huddle with his employees at Blaque before the night’s opening. It’s important to Marsau if Blaque gets off the ground with success. This includes keeping Jaylin on his job. After the huddle, Jaylin meets with Marsau. The conversation is frank as Marsau feels Jaylin isn’t pushing himself hard enough to succeed as the general manager. Jaylin mentions he feels that Marsau hasn’t trained him how to be a successful manager. Interestingly enough, Marsau agrees that they need to hire an assistant general manager to assist Jaylin.

Martell and Vanessa get on the same page.

The next day, Marsau meets with Vanessa to talk. Vanessa opens up how the divorce and his social media posts upset her. She also tells Martell he’s been disrespectful to her during the divorce and Melody talked to Marlene respectfully. She begins to cry when she tells Martell she never expected to see him and Melody raise her grandkids in separate homes. Despite this, Vanessa hopes he and Melody could peacefully co-parent and keep the kids as a family.

Of course, Martell’s infidelity comes up and Martell says Melody was disrespectful towards him. Interestingly enough, Martell and Vanessa agree all of the cheating wasn’t just a mistake but a conscious decision to do. They also come to an understanding that Martell won’t bash Melody publicly once more.

Melody’s friend Tiffany is at home with her husband Louis and their kids. Tiffany tells Louis about her time with Melody. They also talk about Melody’s divorce and how they went through similar things. And in Houston, LaTisha’s arriving by herself. Business obligations came up with the wine line meaning Marsau had to stay behind. When she arrives at the hotel, she calls Marsau to check out what happened. She then tells Marsau he can’t miss his flight to Houston.

She really wants to make time for romance when he gets to town.

Tiffany spills tea, causing Destiny to cry.

Later on, Destiny’s hosting a Birthday brunch at a popular restaurant in Birmingham. This is Destiny’s first event since the divorce. Melody arrives first and as they share a drink, Melody tells Destiny that Tiffany is coming. Eventually, Destiny’s other guests arrive including Kimmi. As the party goes on, Melody wonders if she and Destiny are as close as she believes. This is because Destiny didn’t call Melody when she wasn’t in a good place regarding the divorce. Kimmi then learns Destiny is divorced from La’Berrick which surprises her. 

Overall, the party seems to be going well until Tiffany arrives. Melody introduces Tiffany to everyone and tells them Tiffany was the one who planned the surprise wedding during a baseball game in Huntsville. Some of the ladies cringed inside because Tiffany seemingly proposed to Louis.

Things then get tense when Tiffany begins to stir the pot. First, she brings up Kimmi’s stepson Monster. Apparently, Monster hangs with Tiffany’s sons and got caught vaping at school. This irritates Kimmi because this scandalous news involved a child and Maurice didn’t tell her about it.

Then, Tiffany reveals how she previously met Destiny. Apparently, she saw La’Berrick and another woman with him and confused the woman for Destiny. Tiffany then referred to how she inadvertently revealed this to Destiny. This shocks Destiny who runs off to the bathroom as the episode ends.

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